Flash is a plague

So, I installed a new machine and it’s … oh so good.

One decision I’ve made… I won’t install flash. I think flash is a plague on the interwebs. Imagine how much cpu time has been lost because of flash, all those ads and other nonsense things? Probably half the cpu cycles in the world have been lost to flash in the past 5 years or so.

edit: oh… forgot youtube :frowning:

Cool story bro.

Youtube is my loophole for streaming music at work.


opt in :slight_smile:


Or if you want to watch Youtube but not ads you could install flash blocking addons like Flashblock for Firefox or other similar.

I always have a flashblocker on. Just have to watch flashstuff you want.
And these annoying overlay window ads are also transparent.

Flash is just a multimedia tech in the end. There is not point in disliking flash itslef.
Its more a point in disliking sites that use flash in an annoying way.

Yes. Flash is good for specific things, like youtube, but flash is just so widely used for almost anything, ads and buttons and whatever it bogs down your system no matter how good your specs are. Could you imagine if java applets were used in the same manner? :confused:

I remember the days when I would see rollover buttons done as applets. It was as bad as you’d imagine.

This whole topic reminds me of the guy who loudly proclaims at every opportunity that he doesn’t own a TV.

Hehe… back in 1996 or so I think I made a java applet animation for a web page that was something like 4 megabytes. Worked fine locally, but couldn’t figure out why it didn’t load for someone else that was on a 28.8 modem :confused:

Anyway, youtube works beautifully without flash. Looks like you really can go on a Flash diet (Ohh… I trademark that!).

Humm…I don’t own of TV…

I also dont have a TV :wink:

The net provides me with news and shows…

It was worse than some people would imagine. Don’t forget that applets have improved in the past couple of years.

There are still people who own TVs?!

Noscript does a bang up job at screening out the annoying flash adverts for me. I find I rarely even need to use adblock after that. Browsing the web without noscript is like patronizing hookers without using condoms.

I loudly proclaim that I don’t own a TV and I even asked my neighbour to help me to remove a kind of pole on my roof so that another neighbour cannot set his antenna on it anymore ;D

Flash is becoming worse even for watching videos. I often get a black rectangle on Youtube, it’s like Flash doesn’t get started. Then, I have to restart Firefox :frowning:

disliking flash is like disliking java. dont dislike such powerful technologies, use them, improve them :slight_smile:

well its not only flash, browser plugins in general are becoming (feeling) more and more heavyweight, bloated and out of place as the browsers themselves get faster. Javascript (on modern browsers) is well on its way to becoming a flash replacement.

yeah maybe, but flash did its job very well for a long time. i think flash will be the browser game solution until ie has some kind of webgl and you don’t have to think about audio codecs when developing games with html5. i cannot imagine unity and epic games add flash deployment to their engines for a few years of flash dieing out.

i hope that the end of flash will be the beginning of a html vm spec that allows us to use any language we want for pure html in-browser applications.

I have Flash and ads blocked via Chrome plugins. If I really need it (Pandora is the only thing so far) I just enable it for that site.

Adobe’s Flash is not open source, I can only send a bug report, what else?

“You don’t have a TV? Then what does all of your furniture point at?”

Futurama is the best.