My entry for this year’s contest… Hope others have fun playing it. I keep playing it while at work when I get free time. :slight_smile:

A global conquest game. Select territories, move armies, attack rivals. Winner is the one who ends up controlling the entire world.


Select Territories

* Each of the three players are given a chance to select one territory at a time.
* After selecting a territory, the next player is given a chance.
* This repeats until all territories are taken. 

Movement Rounds

* Each territory is given a turn in random order.
* The view will zoom to that territory and highlight it in red.
* At the start of a turn, a territory recieves one new army.
* Click on an adjacent terrotory to send half of the armies in that direction.
* Clicking on a friendly territory will move the armies to that territory.
* Clicking on an enemy territory will attack to occupy that territory.
* Clicking on the territory itself will skip a turn. 


* Victory is achieved when one players occupies all territories on the map. page…

Very polished and playable.

Just two three suggestions.

  1. The selectable regions that border the active region need to be highlighted in some way, as some of the sea-borders and diagonal land borders are a little ambiguous as to which territories are valid targets. (perhaps valid targets are highlighted when the mouse is moved over them?)
  2. Sound! A different sound for won & lost combat rounds would make tracking the combat outcome a little more interactive.
  3. Different colors!
    When conquering the world you’ve just gotta be blue, green or red! (nothing like pushing back the tide of communism to add a little more depth ;D)

btw, are the combat probabilities influenced at all by the type of border the combat is occuring across?
On occasion it felt like attacking across water was an unhill struggle - where as the large land-locked territories seemed to change hands very frequently.

The AI put up a good fight - though ultimately lost once I had managed to herd them together to fight amongst themselves - afterall world domination is all a numbers game ;D

Great game! Really kept me busy much longer than I expected. I didnt just play it for a while and exit like most games (no offense to anybody lol) but i actually played it till i lost!!!

It was really fun and all but it got a bit frustrating when the green team (had the most land) would get millions of turns in a row and I would get like 1 or 2 turns (we had nearly the same ammount of land)…

but once again, great game and good job!

Great game. I won my second game. Took one to figure out a strategy.

GRRRR I always get screwed by that green getting 50000000 turns in a row and then i get that 1 turn !! Addicting game but sure does get my blood boiling >:(

Yeah! The world is mine! :wink:

Nice game, really. Simple, yet effective :slight_smile:

Whee, fun! Are the starting army sizes fixed per country? Starting with a lot of troops seems like a great way of winning. =)

I won! Woo.

Nice game.

May suffer from traditional risk issues tho, i.e. repeat value isn’t high.


Without suggestion no. 4… multi-player support! ;D

It is for me because i havent won:(:(:(:frowning:

Glad to see people are enjoying it. That’s enough to make it worth the effort. :slight_smile:

As far replay factor, maybe I’m biased but I play it once or twice a day, and I’ve had it kicking around for about a month now.

Here’s a tip, try taking control of the “tip” areas like S. America, S. Africa, Australia, or somewhere in the north. If you can build a solid area with fewer battle lines, then your territories in the rear can supply the front line countries with armies. Think of it as a logistical problem, if you have more countries supplying more armies to fight fewer battles then you’ll have an easier time.

Starting armies - Each country is given a random number of armies when the country is chosen.

Combat probabilities - No, they aren’t at all affected by which border it’s being fought along.

Highlighting selectable and Sound - I love the suggestions, but am outta bytes to squeeze out. I might play with compression/optimization options, but most likely I’ll stick with what I got.

Colors - I started out with random colors, but they’ve kinna grown on me. :slight_smile:

Global domination in turn 4 =)

I think the algorithm for choosing territories at the beginning might need improving a little ;D

How can you improve on Math.random? ;D

I spent more bytes on the movement AI, rather than selection AI. Selection AI would probably be my #1 if I had more room to play with.

Love it! Have to admit it, its addictive. I showed it to my flat mate, and he got addicted too! haha.

Something thats small and you could probably fit it…can you put a timer in to see how fast we’ve finished the game in so we can challange ourselves to finish quicker?

DP :slight_smile:

WOOOT hahah finally won this game is seriously addicting, i forgot to turn in my senior project logs because of this thing :stuck_out_tongue:

although i would love a more grand “You won!” but who can complain:D

Very impressive, but I’m convinced green is cheating… >:(

It’s quite frustrating to see your 8-man attack force get wiped out by that 1 defender… is this a completely random 50/50 roll or what? I’d think there should be some weighting based on sizes of attack/defense forces…

I guessed as much, that would be why there is occasionally a noticeable pause before the AI picks the final territory :wink:

After playing a bit and getting a sense for some strategies (or are they tactics?) with respect to “troop” movement and geographic advantages and disadvantages, I’m really liking this game as a timewaster.

I’m always curious when I see these ideas to see if I could implement it too. While I think the graphics and interface wouldn’t be hard, I’m wondering how much went in to the AI - it seems to be pretty good.

This would make a fantastic battlefield for an AI competition!

Deep Thought here I come ;D

This has been an idea running around my head for a while - create a “world” in 4K that exposes various interfaces. Allow users to implement those interfaces in their own 4K jar files. Run it all together, and see who comes out the winner.

I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t fit within the ruleset for this competition, but it still seems like it could be a fun contest.