euler numbers


I would like to explain some first class game theory here.

You have 3 main euler powers in game theory :

  1. Gaussian Support Vector Machines, which gives you a good AI.

  2. Statisics, for interpolating probabilities and sampling as in data mining for e.g. a Chess program.

  3. Boltzman : for gaining entropy with a random walk.

You can find these things in several languages on <-- in the search bar

I will explain further on how these can be used in game mechanics.

  1. Boltzman just adds energy/entropy by keeping an ascent. If you play a jackpot game a few times you will have a jackpot outcome which is a gain in entropy due to a random walk.

  2. If you study Monte Carlo sampling methods (e.g. a HMM, Hidden Markov Model) you will see that the integral or differentiation of this formula needs a probability distribution.

I will further comment on in this topic what you can do with these floating point unit interpolation methods.

Consider making an article about it instead. This sounds interesting!

Hello again,

I started the explanation of e on the following page, it is however very preliminary and of course I have to do some extra research. Here is the link


I suggest using the WIKI on JGO or the Articles and Tutorials section, as things like this belong in that section. I do think you need to actually explain everything before you make a post though. Stating things and using terminology which is totally ambiguous isn’t the way to go. I am not even sure what AI has to do with Euler so theres that :point: