Elevox [a0.7_2] - A Multiplayer Voxel Game

Hello there!

I’m here to present my game “Elevox” and also to find maybe some advice for it. It’s still in InDev so it isn’t actually playable (since there is no content). This game is thought for Multiplayer later on but there will be a singleplayer mode anyways. It’s about travelling through a procedurally generated world, fighting monsters dungeons and all the cool stuff you know from RPGs. But this is still a long way to go. I search for people who could help me with some problems.





You can find the game here:

Download “Elevox Launcher” (Dropbox)

This launcher allows you to download any versions I will release in the future,
and will help me to give you some news on the development. You have to perform
an easy registration, but mind this launcher is still minimalist. It can’t update itself,
and there is no way to recover your password yet, but I will add this feature soon.

Note: I had to update launcher since I found some bugs, which could occur if you
use more than one account. I also blacklisted several trash-mails.


Changelog for version a0.7

  • animation system was updated (means new animations will come soon)
  • experience and levels are added (stats scale with levels)
  • player inventory, quickslot and stats are saved now
  • chunk loading speed is now 3-4 times faster (not the loading from the file, but the generation of render data)
  • fullscreen can now be toggled with “F11”
  • player turns to the direction you are looking when you attack
  • you can keep left mouse button pressed to chain the 2 basic attacks of the hammer
  • reduced memory usage
  • add main menu (and world creation screen)

Changes for version a0.8


  • insane reduction of memory usage even at high render distances (down to only 200-250MB Heap Space sometimes)

working on:

  • better world generation
  • launcher (for easier updates and version selection, as well as being able to provide news)


  • hammer skills and animations (more weapons later)
  • character menu (stats, equipment, etc.)
  • launcher with updating function
  • more might come…

If you download and try the game i would really appreciate if you could tell me what you think.

If you find an error please tell me so I can fix it.
Known bugs:

  • transparency of ice doesn’t work properly (working on it)

Performance (updated)

37x37 = 1,369 Chunks loaded
64x64x256 = 1,048,576 Blocks per Chunk

1,369 x 1,048,576 = 1,435,500,544 (before: 314,703,872) Blocks loaded in total
(takes time to load all of these of course and not all faces are drawn)

stable 60 fps
you can (still!!!) use less than 500MB to run (tested with “-Xmx 512”).

My System:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
Intel Core i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz
8GB DDR3 RAM @ 1333Mhz

If you want to know how I did something please ask me. If the game doesn’t start, terminate it, delete “worlds” folder and try again.


  • “infinite” procedurally generated world
    -> dynamically loading chunks
    -> chunk saving and loading
    -> simple decoration (trees, flowers, stones, etc.)
  • biomes
    -> forest
    -> plains
    -> ocean (needs actually to be made :P)
    -> tundra
    -> ice lands
    -> desert
    -> volcano lands
  • simple fighting (needs to be remade)
    -> procedually slime spawning -
    -> simple attack
  • some menus
    -> main menu
    -> world select and creation
    -> inventory (hotkey ‘E’)
    -> pause menu (hotkey ‘ESC’)
    -> options (music, sound and render distance adjustable, accessable through pause menu)
  • activateable items (only regeneration potion atm)
    -> quickslot bar
    -> buffs, cooldowns


  • better fighting
    -> more dynamic fighting
    -> skills
    -> more enemies
    -> fighting classes
  • skill system
    -> limited amount of skills to learn (you can not learn everything)
    -> skill mastery (level a skill by using it, leveling can unlock new skills)
    -> class-based, weapon-based and… basic-based skills
  • job system
    -> basically similar to the skill system just with jobs (but jobs will be more unique)
  • element system (that’s what the “Ele” in Elevox is for)
    -> every player has a specific element which he prefers.
    -> element cores for storing energy
    -> can be used for battle and jobs (especially magical ones)
  • structure generation (dungeons, cities, etc.)
    -> cities, can be owned by NPCs or a player guild
    -> build your own houses and/or shops (not minecraft style though, you cant build anywhere you like)
    -> instance-based dungeons, so more than one party can play them at once
    -> raid dungeons, a guild can fight in order to be able to found a city
  • NPCs
    -> “intelligent” NPCs, that can do the same thing as players technically
  • content (new monsters, weapons and all the stuff)
    -> monsters, weapons, armors, etc.

I’m searching for

  • designer (someone who designs decoration, monsters, weapons and all blocky stuff)
  • testers (people who always get the newest version, maybe make suggestions and report bugs)

(I know this is the wrong forum to ask for such people but maybe you know someone who
might be interested)

I may edit the lists later on. I may also have forgotten some things and will add them later.
Note that “- “infinite” procedurally generated world” wasn’t easy at all so it’s quite a big point.

And now… I want to hear what you have to say and what’s the performance on your systems

NOTE: Please use Java 8 since anything lower has problems with a library and music can’t played

Have a specific question?

Add me on skype: faustdonner
or send me an email: faustdonner@dbogame.de

or just reply to this Topic^^