Drift Team

Hi all,

After 3 years of part time development, the “Drift School” part of my game is ready for playing.



It’s written in using GWT and WebGL4J, it should run in all modern browsers, on all modern devices (Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, …).

I did a post about the game before, but I left the post too long, so it got locked down. ::slight_smile: Since then, I’ve added:

  • Music and sounds.
  • Traffic (computer driven).
  • Guest play.
  • More tracks.

I’m keen to hear if people find the Drift School too easy, hard, or just right. Any any other feedback is greatly appreciated.

Check it out here: https://drift.team/

Thanks all, and happy drifting! :slight_smile:

Oh, and I setup a Facebook page. :slight_smile: https://www.facebook.com/DriftTeamGame/

Cool game so far :slight_smile:
I think you could make good use of more dynamic and interactive environments (making the trees and buildings collidable, animating the water, making some splashes when you drive in the water, etc); I like the diversity though!
You can tell there are quite a few problems with how the tracks are organized: I beat the second to last (drift duel, is that it?) by basically cheating and not going round the full circuit!
Keep it up!

Thanks J0! I watched your replay on that second last track (LINK), it gave you a 13 second time penalty when you cut the track, so you should have been only given one star. Maybe I should disqualify the result altogether?

Building are collidable, but trees are not. Need to work on that. Little tricky, as it’s only the trunk that should be collidable. :slight_smile:

Good idea with water animations. I’m a bit of a novice with WebGL, so will need to do some research on how all that is done.

Thanks for going through all the tracks. It helps me see if the game it too easy or hard. I think the tracks in the correct order of difficulty (maybe with the exception of the second last track?). And I see you got 14 / 27 stars (LINK), so that’s pretty much bang on average. …not calling you an average driver, you drove very well! ;D

Good job man! I like the AI :slight_smile: !

I think checkpoints on the track should be the correct way to go about that:)

Hahah I had no idea you could see my results as easily as that! ::slight_smile:

Keep it up, good luck for the animations and stuff!

Too cool for school? I hear ya. Drift Race is now ready. Pick your difficulty. Easy / Medium / Hard.


Please let me know what you think. Happy drifting!

I like the AI too, really good, but as player start as last one is really bad :-/

good work btw, hard levels are really hard

Even though you start last, the race is based on time (and drifting). The clock doesn’t start until you cross the start line.

It’s both an advantage, and disadvantage, to start last. Advantage because you cross the start line with more speed, disadvantage, because you have to look out for other cars.

I think I might put a live position indicator in (based on each cars times), so that way it will hopefully make it obvious that, even though you are racing at the back, you are not coming last.

Understood, but in many racing games, if player simply win a race, next race start position should be related to past victories

Have made lots of updates to the game (buying/selling cars, more tracks, etc…). Would really appreciate any feedback.


CLICK HERE TO PLAY: https://drift.team/

Thanks all!

I’ve started to look at real time racing using WebSockets, so you can start the next race based on where you last finished. It’ll probably be awhile before I get anything like that going.

Until I do get that going, I’ve added a live position board in the top right, so you can see as you’re racing, what position you are in.

I’ve also removed the scooter (thought it was dumb), and reduced the price of the first few cars, so you can progress faster when starting the game.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Friend races are now live. Create private races just for you and your mates. Find out who the best driver really is!

Demo video: https://www.facebook.com/DriftTeamGame/videos/720974724944963/

Play here: https://drift.team/?p=friendrace

Enjoy, and any feedback is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Your game did some funky stuff with my browser window, i’m using 2 monitors and the browser window switches to the secondary screen when a race finishes. Are you forcing full-screen or something, maybe my window manager is at fault here, idk.
It was the fullscreen feature! Why don’t you disable this by default? It has the potential to scare computer noobies and makes the others mad because you take control of their browser window…
Or place a fullscreen button somewhere directly in your main menu…

Also wouldn’t a multiplayer mode where you send your friend a lobby/race-ID to join be desirable? You’re locking out potential players by forcing this social login bullshit.

I like how you place the car on the screen, it gives you a good feeling of where you are headed.
The overall menu structure felt strange at first but it’s pretty responsive and made sense later on so i like it.

You forgot a return/back button in your pre-race screen btw, ESC works but who knows that the first time they are playing your game?

I like it overall, it would be the perfect game to play in highschool in a computer lab while the teacher is away (if it would have a login-less multiplayer feature :-* )

Excellent feedback VaTTeRGeR! Thank you!!!

Great idea. I didn’t think about multi-monitors where the primary monitor was not the monitor that the user was using. I’ll fix this up.

You can actually send a friend race without the social login. However, I realise I have made it way too complicated to do. Right now, you need to create the race without adding any friends, then select the race you just created, click the “invite friends” link, then the “Invite friends via message” link. Yep, way too complicated. Will fix this up.

Woops! Will also fix this.

Thanks again VaTTeRGeR. This feedback in invaluable!

Glad i could help!

[quote]You can actually send a friend race without the social login.
Ah ok, i tried it now, it’s a bit … boring. First racing alone and then having to rewatch the thing, meh…

Would displaying the other player as a ghost, but in real time, be possible with your engine? I know it’s tricky if the engine isn’t built for it but that’s an feature i would have expected tbh.

I’ve now completely removed the social login requirement. Only time you need to do this, is if you want to save your progress, and continue on another machine/device.

Also made sending the friend race with a link way more obvious, and fixed all the other dumb things. ;D

Ah ok, i tried it now, it’s a bit … boring. First racing alone and then having to rewatch the thing, meh…
I don’t understand. What do you mean rewatch it? You should be able to play against your friend/s (in a turn-by-turn race, not real time).

The problem is WebSockets aren’t yet supported on Google App Engine Standard. I would have to switch to Google App Engine Flexible, or AWS, or something that gives me a dedicated server. But, yes, you’re right, that would be a big change, but it is something I image people want. I’ll do some investigations. :slight_smile:

Ghost races are now done. Tracks that have close racing, now have opponents as ghosts cars. You can now focus on drifting, and not worry about crashing. Happy drifting everyone!

To help the beginner drifters out there, I’ve added spin control, and auto braking. These can be turned on/off in game:

The spin control will detect if your drift is about to get out of control, and will steer into the drift until you are back under control.

The auto brake will detect if you are about to head off the track, and will apply the brakes for you.

I’ve tried to make them not too aggressive, so there is still skill involved in drifting the car.

Please let me know if you like them or not.

Happy drifting! :slight_smile: https://drift.team/

The track editor is finally done! It took a lot of coding, so hopefully not too many bugs. 8)

And there’s a new single race mode where you race other peoples tracks.

Looking forward to seeing what tracks people make! :slight_smile: