Doom 3 BFG source code

so id-software released the doom 3 Bfg source code

Although its not java. Just browsing through it is quite awesome. It is interesting/relevant for the gaming side of things. Just to see how they did certain methods and solutions to problems. It would be interesting to compare their math implementations to others and compare performance results.

Original doom 3 code was already available for quite some time, as well as the source to all older ID games. I’ve never really been able to really gain much understanding from ID code. Not enough documentation to really put two and two together. I have big respect for the people that can take the source and then go make it do other stuff.

Oh, I was aware of some much older source code for various FPS have been released over the years, but I wasn’t aware that the doom 3 was already released :confused:

I wonder if there is much difference from doom 3 source and doom 3 bfg source codes

By strange coincidence I’m playing through Doom 3 BFG right now.

It’s one of the worst games I’ve played for years, and I’m not sure why I’m literally forcing myself to play it.

Cas :slight_smile:

Because you secretly think it’s awesome :wink:

It wasn’t a terrible experience… but still a bit boring and repetitive. The expansion pack is more interesting to be honest, with some Half-Life 2 inspired additions.

Has any id game been fun other than doom?

Commander Keen ;D

Quake 3 was (and still is) fun for a multiplayer death match. Single player was shit, of course.

I remember having played Quake 3 arena, a lot lot lot

And of course I was only referring to doom deathmatch.

Not many people know this but one of Puppygames minions, Alli, is the #2 seeded player worldwide in Q3 Arena.

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I still play q3 a lot with my Wife and Daughter. Unfortunately the online quake thing just does not work for us.

As for doom 3. I found pretty scary. But then i did have my computer set up in a damp and dark basement at the time. Quake 4 however was a decent single player game.

At any rate. I thought that ID was more about selling engines and making rockets than games. And lets be honest Doom was a good game for the time… But it was a case of “just kill everything” … nothing there compared to what is expected for many modern FPS… but then again i never got past the first 10min of half life because i still couldn’t kill anything.

[edit] missed the word life after half.

That was the whole thing about Doom 1 & 2: you were a hero. You got to blast everything to bits. It was fun.

Doom 3 = constantly scared. Every enemy takes practically an entire clip to kill so you can only shoot one at a time. You die within 3 seconds of contact with the enemy. It’s just utterly, utterly shit. It’s not even scary, just plain annoying, especially when the same boring tricks are used on you for 15 hours. Complete failure of game design. I was sad.

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Not sure i see a difference? Played both on hard (or whatever it was before Nightmare). And well… that IS doom. 30 monsters, 3 shot gun shells and one fulled up chainsaw.

I guess what i am saying is I don’t think i would like doom 1&2 as much now as i did. I was younger and it was new. Doom 3 is more of the same.

My 10 year old Nephew thinks the new star wars movies are fantastic and as good as the old ones.

Doom 3 is absolutely nothing like Doom 2 though. It is the opposite of fun. It’s oppressive, unfair, unimaginative, tedious, slow and largely repetitive.

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I replayed doom 2 last year… guess what…

Doom 1 & 2 also had a novelty factor at their time. FPS games were few then, and they were kind of the best. I also enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D, well I liked it lamost better than the Doom games, as well as Descent II. All thjose games were “cool” becuase unseen before, and very exciting for this.

Now, 20 years later and with countless games in the genre, it’s just not the same anymore (and playing the old games again isn’t the same either, becuase we are now 20 years older and have experienced 20 years of game eveolution …)

I must admit I haven’t even taken a real look at Doom 3, because I thought it’s “just another FPS”. And I do not expect anything in particular from the source code that would help me to make games.

Indeed, progress in the genre has greatly improved on the feel of FPS games in many areas. Doom 2 feels strangely sluggish and the lack of up/down looking makes it feel awkward. Those are legit advances. However nothing comes close to the feeling of fun that Doom 2 had; we’ve got a tenth of the enemies to kill, they take 3x as much shooting to kill them, and they’re all totally deadly within seconds. No fun.

Cas :slight_smile:

After all of this, i feel glad that i still play Skulltag/Zandronum