Doodle Jump for PC

I just made an online version of Doodle Jump for fun!
Named it JDoodle Jump to avoid getting pestered by Lima Sky ;D

For those that don’t know what Doodle Jump is, it is the most popular app on the iPhone/iTouch.

Funny and I got 18000p. :slight_smile:

I would suggest that when you have made a long jump, your energy decreases the first few jumps from the new hight. This would make the game less random. As it is now, it is very easy to climp without control until you hit an enemy.

What do you mean?


The mouse works but not the keyboard. I use Java 1.6 on Cent OS Linux 5.3. Other Java games work fine here.

Yay, 56609 :slight_smile:

Found some bugs though I think:
I died once due to jumping on a platform the was visible but fell through it (there was just like one pixel of “paper” though under it, but the platform itself was totally visible)
Sometimes when you shoot enemies they don’t die, does some of them have several lifes or something? Maybe that should be visible on them (use one type of enemies for 2 hitpoints and one for 3 for example)
I died on my highscore run by falling through a white platform after having used a helicopter helmet. It wasn’t like the platform was far down even, it was almost halfway up the screen but I fell straight through it on my way down after the helicopter ride.


Just shortly, is there a smart way to make the guy move less while topping in a jump, and more when he’s on his way down (the grativy effect)?
Nice game, though the steering is too easy compared to the iPhone/Android. :smiley:

Say that the little fellow jumps 300 pixels high normally.
I think that this height should be lower when he manages to jump onto a new level higher up. So he looses energy.
If he jumps to a new level 150 px up he should loose half his energy (or something). So the next jump will only be 150 px. For each jump the jump height increases with 50 px (or maybe more). So, soon after climbing, he will be back to 300 pixels high jumps, but not directly.
If he jumps to a new level 300 px up the first few jumps after that will be pretty low.

It doesn’t work neither on Firefox 3.6.13, Mandriva Linux 2010, Java 1.6 update 22 :frowning:

Try clicking on the game to be able to use controls.

I am looking into that. What I think is going on is that the Doodle is falling so fast that he misses the intersection with the bar. I only use the lower 5 pixels of the Doodle’s body as the height when intersecting both Rectangles.

Thank you for pointing that out!! Yes, as you get higher up, it takes 2 or 3 shots to kill a monster. I had intended to add some kind of signal when it does that but I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:
However, now I can see the confusion some people might have. They won’t know whether to shoot once or twice to kill them. :-
I will do as you say: each type will have its own number of hits.

I am still confused on what you mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have already did this, it does not work. I’m accustomed to use applets. There is something wrong in your game.

I have just tried again, the result is the same. When I click, only the mouse works. Please can you remove the survey? It is annoying, it appears each time.

Unable to start the game since a lot of pop-ups started appearing

Apparently it seems to work fine for the thousands others who visit my website daily :smiley:

I know! When I signed up for this advertising service, I immediately disliked the popups. Yet everywhere I looked I did not know how to disable them. I don’t want to completely remove ads since they are my only source of income :’(

same problem as gouessej (win 7, Java 7)

Maybe put your game onto Sourceforge or Tuxfamily if you have any plan of opensourcing it. Do you really need a source of income? Does your game cost you anything? Ok I’m strange, I don’t try to monetize my projects.

Can you remove your own popup asking something about themes please?

Seriously… JCopyright Jinfringement

The other students at my school loves this! Oh, and the load time from 98 - 100 takes VERY long, and each time I start a new game I have to wait 30 seconds, before it starts, from I click.

I’m sorry! I don’t know why it doesn’t work for some people :frowning:

  1. Well I am 15 and my parents never give me money. :frowning: However, I don’t want to charge people money so I decided to do the next best thing, ads :slight_smile:
  2. I do plan on giving away the source code when the number of views starts to decline.
  3. I was planning to take it off when I hit 2000 submitions, which I hit a long time ago, but I am currently away from my computer so I can’t update it :frowning:

Hahaha yep. I don’t feel like getting sued here. I also gave Lima Sky credit for all graphics and ideas on the bottom of the page.

Thank you for spreading the word :slight_smile:
I am investigating why there is a delay there. It seems that it takes a while to set up the Doodler on the main screen.
EDIT: Problem has been found and fixed. The cause of the freeze was that it redownloaded all the resources after it was supposedly done.

The problem with the popup is that it is displayed even though I had already answered, it is annoying.

I took it down with the most replies being Yes (by a tiny margin). So I am now working on themes :slight_smile:

The new version runs smoother… Can I ask why there is random people in there as both enemies, and doodles? They don’t really fit in.