Design feedback, 2D RPG Manager type game

UPDATED (2020-04-22): Added building roads (Hammer icon) and Quests log (top left corner). No one plays these kind of games anymore on PC or this game just sux?
Game is VERY early stage and shapable so if you have ideas of features please do not hesitate to add a suggestion. If you just think this sux, please tell me what needs to be improved whether it is visuals or content, anything goes. :slight_smile:

UPDATED: added a screenshot where I tried some Isometric stuff.

Hi All! :slight_smile:
I am programming a 2D RPG game during my spare time every now and then.

Anyhow, som facts about the technologies and design choices

  • Intellij
  • JFormDesigner
  • Swing
  • Isometric Tile map
  • RTS

Gameplay Concepts:
Scenario Map - Right now you have a home base (Keep) and there are Bosses on the map that you need to defeat to win the scenario. You use Heroes to gain gold, hammers, fame for your Keep. Heroes gain experience, levels and abilities. There are some buildings in your keep that can be upgraded. You can for example recuit new Heroes, resurrect dead heroes, upgrade city walls and upgrade other buildings that gives you bonuses. The map gets tougher the further you are away from your Keep, harder enemies, harder quests etc.

Campaign Map - This is only in planning stages. Meaning of winning a scenario would be that you conquer one spot on the campaign map. The exact rules in the campaign have not been decided because firstly the campaign map does not exist yet.

Moving, Fighting etc:
When you play a scenario, you may send Heroes out from Keep and they a move around the map a bit randomly. They can be attacked by random enemies, but you can also find tiles with quest, dungeon or Viillage that you can click on and attack/quest.

Heroes will of course belong to one of many Professions including, Viking, Hunter, Warrior, Scout, Pyromancer, Bard, Cleric etc…
Each profession has its own unique abilities and has one primary attribute.

Anyone who has feedback on what can make this kind of game fun, please let me know :slight_smile: