Demise of Nations for PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS

Finally managed to complete the game (Aug. 9, 2017): Demise of Nations, a wargame covering the rise of Rome till the fall of modern civilization. Just took severl years. :clue:

Technically the game is built on top of libgdx. It also uses various 3rd party libraries including LWJGL and PuppyGame’s Steam library amongst others. My thanks go out to all those folks. ;D




It looks really impressive! I remember a couple of your other games, and they do have a certain aesthetic about them.

Are you developing it alone, or in a team?

Wow, looking so cool, can’t wait till i can get to play this one :smiley:

Can’t help but think that ‘demise of nations’ will be about a game where your own nation / army will eventually lose. :emo:

I’d opt for a more positive name :point:

Looks very good! I would love to play this! ;D

I would love for you to post a test version here, because from the screenshot it looks extremely good and fun :smiley:

Wow, that’s a lot of responses. As I said, it’s a turn-based strategy game, so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you all! :point:

re-development: I work together with an artist and a scenario modder. Generally, I outsource graphics & music. I do all the programming and design. Programming is fine, but I am worried about game-play design. I enjoy programming but making it a “fun” game is a challenge. I am still about 2 months away from giving out the game for play-testing. I need to add the AI first.

re-name: yes, “Demise of Nations” might be little dark. Any suggestions? ???

Keep the name and have people play as the Visigoths. I suppose you’d need to add about 700 years to the year from the screenshot tho :slight_smile:

(Incidentally, it was still solidly a republic in 338 BC, didn’t get to be an empire til that dude named after a salad took over in 49 BC)

Looks really great, cant wait to play :slight_smile:

Textures are nicely worked and the whole thing is really coherent! Waiting for something playable. :smiley:

looks great from the screenshot… the graphics have a nice settlers 2 vibe… i’d be a happy playtester :wink:

It reminiscents me of “total war”:

How will be the fighting-system?

There won’t be a real-time fighting system such as in Total War. Maybe the rest somewhat resembles Total War (strategical overview map part). You have different units at your disposal each with their corresponding strengths & weaknesses. A spearman would for example be stronger than a horseman etc.

Please share the play-test version!!

Haven’t gotten to get the game ready for alpha-testing. I am shooting for end of this month though ;D

In the meantime, here are animations of horseman & snowman (animated GIF, might take a while to load):

This is not entirely correct, the salad was named by a dude which was named after the dude you are referring to.

Whoosh. ::slight_smile:

Anyhoo, really liking the graphical polish. Judging by that map feature, Neapolis looks like it’s gonna turn into Pompeii soon :wink:

No worries, Neapolis is going to stay safe!

Here is rain animation:

You could add a turn based combat-system like it’s used in heroes:
If you would add some strategical attack/defense-values it would perfectly fit, but maybe that’s just me.
The game looks quite polished, keep up good work :slight_smile:

It took a while, but I finally managed to get the ALPHA-release ready!

Here is a badly narrated YouTube video to explain the basics: