Dachon 4k

Dachon 4k


Why now you play now (jnlp)? You know you want to!

(Or you could visit the webpage.)

how the hell do you get the last gem on level1? :S

There are (should be) six!


… no, there are five. :smiley:
But all are reachable.

Very impressive to get all that into 4K!

I felt like there was a bit of a drag to have to tiptoe forward to be ablet to battle as few badies as possile at a a time. Makes it more tedious than actionpacked. Still createive idea and nice looking.

Looks great but unfortunately runs at about 4 fps here.

1.6ghz, 512meg, ATI 7000 IGP.


Very impressive game! ;D Where do you live Markus? I need to visit you and eat your brain to gain your knowledge!

Loads… first screen is drawn… but it doesnt react. If I minimze and maximize again the frame remains white (waited several minutes). Tried it several times… didnt work :frowning:

win2k sp4, k7 500, ati 9100 (cat 5.9), 1.5.0_06, dx0.9c

New version up with faster framerate, different levels (I changed the seed!), and slower enemies on the first couple of levels!

Jojoh: Yeah, I know… It gets a bit tedious unless you charge in. But charging in never ends well. :wink:
Got any ideas on how I could actiony up the game?

kevglass: Is the new version better?

DonaldEKnut: Sweden, but… please don’t eat my brain. :frowning:

Is that your cpu (500 mhz)?
It’d probably run very slow on 500 mhz… but it should at least RUN.

No webstart logs?

awesome, as allways :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, my machine is really that slow. And no logs… there wasnt an exception or whatsoever (otherwise I would have posted it).

I’ve got one suggestion, you could make the ship control a bit easier. A perfect example would be “Gravity Force” on the Amiga, if you ever have played it.

I haven’t played that game, but Dachon awakened my solar jetman skills from about 20 years ago. Another excellent entry Markus, great gameplay, good graphics, great game!

It ran fine on p3 866 with jre 5.

No, I was trying to come up with some constuctive idea, but couldn’t really come up w anything resonable for 4K game. Possibly let badies move a bit more random so they don’t get stuck. They would then constantly get closer to you if you stand still/move slow. Then you’d probably have to slow them down a bit as well. Game is hard enough as it is while taking it slow :slight_smile:
A* mutation for AI would be nice, but can’t see how that would be possible to cram in.

But I’ts really a bit of taste as well (action vs. strategy), some might like it the way it is.

Pretty cool how you are pushed back when shooting 8) Used that quite a bit to kill badies below and “hover” on the recoil, and like the life/health idea, works really well.

Since it’s been brought up. Whereabout? I’ve lived in Mästa and Borlänge.

I live in Västerås (of Sweden) in case someone would want to know. :wink: My girlfriend hails from Borlänge.

Remove the gravity effect. That would make it easier and players would play faster. Make it more like space with no gravity. Ship will keep moving in the same direction, but gets a little friction.

New version works. Seems to load faster, too.

The gravity makes it a bit unplayable (maybe the timing is to blame?).

And space+cursor keys=bad bad bad bad. You cant press up+left+space at the same time with cherry keyboards.

The gravity is the POINT of the game, heh.
Guess you didn’t play many games in this genre back in the day. =)

Also, Stockholm.

More swedes, eh? :>
Stockholm, sort of. That, and my summer house is just outside Borlänge. Quite a coincidence, this.

Looks very impressive, although a bit slow for my taste. I’d prefer higher speeds and more efficient shots (so that you’ll blow up more ground when you fire, but the speeds are high enough that it doesn’t affect the difficulty).

Nice game. Ran on my Mac Ok. I’m having some trouble with fine turn control. Possibly this will work better on a faster machine. More likely I’m just awful as per normal :slight_smile: