[Competition] Weekly Incremental Jam - The Original Post

Judging has begun. Find some games with the tags [1HJJ] or [1HGJ]

Chatroom: Please use your JGO name.

Our Website/Forum: http://wij.blha303.com.au/forum/index.php Courtesy of the wonderful kpars/Jeviny!

Goal: Make a game in less than one hour.


-You have exactly 1 hour after the competition ends to submit your games to the Entries Board.
-Your game must include the source code, you may put it under any license you wish for it to be under.
-You must write all code for the game within the time range. This of course excludes boilerplate code/backend stuff, of which you may write before the compo starts.
-You may create resources (Text, Sound, Graphics, any other Art) before the competition starts.
-You may submit your game before the time limit is over, thought it is recommended that you polish your game in whatever time you have left.
-Teams are not allowed.
-It is highly recommended that your game should work on most platforms. (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc.)
-You may use any libraries/frameworks to make your game
-You may not update/extend your game after it’s finished, though you may fix any bugs in the build that you decide to upload.

The winner will be crowned the next day by which game has the most medals.

Anything that can be created within a single hour.

Submit your game to the Showcase board with this tag in front of the title:
[1HJJ] or [1HGJ]
Make sure it is open-sourced!

Start Time: 7 O’clock central American
End Time: * O’clock central American

Please post if you are competing or not.

Competitor Count: 13

Shouldn’t this be in Contests? I realize not much can be done if a mod isn’t on since you want to start soon, but just for reference.

Well I was about to, but then I read the Contest boards and it seemed like it was for a more official contest.

My body is ready.

I am completely aware of that fact. I’m just looking for some competition. ;D

So who would participate?

Well jonjava is in.

Me too. But broke my framework and need some time to fix.

I’m in!

I would start a stream, but I’ve recently installed another operating system and won’t have enough time to get all of that setup :confused:

Just give us some time to write boilerplate code!

  • Jev

Depending on when we plan on starting, I could. But I’m not prepared at the moment. Maybe in a few hours?

Alright, I’ll be in I guess. Why not? Now I have to pick one of my libraries to use…

Also, yes wait a couple of hours at the least.

We should make clear what the rules are first.
Edit: Damn this thing is fast progressing!

Alright what would be some suitable rules?

Hot damn this is progressing fast.

We can chat about the game jam here, I made an IRC channel:

  • Jev

Chat is quite hard to follow so here:

Im gonna sleep soon, cant do this.

Yeah… I have somewhere that I have to go… I still haven’t learned enough to put something together that quickly anyway. Good luck!

Doing a livestream!

  • Jev

Starts in 15 minutes!

I think you mean more like 9. :stuck_out_tongue: