Community Voting!

Community voting has started.

You must log in on and click on the “Community Voting 2011” link in the top right corner.

ONCE SUBMITTED = NO CHANGING. So, select your games well. You have 30 points, so choose well. The point is not to give all games points, but the ones you feel are the most deserving.

Will be closed at end of day, March 15th, GMT+0.

Happy voting! :slight_smile:

It says I’ve already voted? ???

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. It was a bug, which is squashed now. If you voted in previous contest it counted as you having voted in this years contest. Try again :slight_smile:

I received a PHP error and reports now that I have already voted. I’m not sure if my vote went through okay or not.

Is fixed! ;D

What is your username on Please pm me it.

Same happened to me.

The problem has been fixed. I believe the votes were counted. The votes were counted, it’s verified.

On the community voting, is there going to be any intermediate feed back? Just to see how different apps are faring? Or is it all held till the end.

I have voted, all seems fine.

It’s all held to the end. Otherwise you bias the people who haven’t yet voted. That’s why I’m not going to say yet what my vote was (although I may post it after the results are published - not yet decided; a few people did last year).

Makes sense. I haven’t voted yet because I haven’t got a chance to play all the games. And with so much AWESOME, its difficult to pick.

The results are published when the voting booths are closed, otherwise you’re going to promote “vote racing”.

30 users have voted so far. Not bad for 1 day.

I stayed in the office until 20:00 to finish testing the games on a Windows box. It turns out that I could have awarded 50 points after all, but never mind.

I will run a hierarchical AI robot on all the votes, which translates each IP to a user account and calculates the chances that they belong to the same user, based on geographical location, frequency of voting, similarity of the votes, etc. Once this is calculated the bot will remove redundant votes, and will normalize based on frequency and the likelihood of cheating for a each game. The mathematical formula is quite simple, but efficient.

??? I was only saying that I was wrong a few days ago when I said that 50 points per person was too much.

Nah, 30 points is enough. We had 25 points last time, and I heard the same argument. The results from previous year indicate that 30 points is a fair number. You have to remember that we’re not trying to get people to evaluate every game, in fact most voters do not play all games, only a subset of them. If you had 50 points, or 100 points, the voter would be forced to vote for too many games, more games than he has time to evaluate.

A typical voting would be something like, e.g.: with 30 points you can give one game 5 points, two games 4 points, three games 3 points, two games 2 points and four games 1 point. That’s twelve games, over a quarter of the games.

There are a lot of factors to consider. But at the end of the day, all games will get their deserved share of points.

I’ve played all the games, and placed my votes :smiley:

There were some really excellent games this year which I really enjoyed playing.

Just voted.

30 points weren’t enough for me. There were so many games that I wanted to give at least 1 point to that I couldn’t give anything 5 points.

And more importantly I had fun playing through all the games. Good job, everyone. :smiley:

Only roughly 28 hours remaining. :smiley:

Voting will close midnight GMT+0 tomorrow.

Hello Appel,

When can we expect to see the community and judge voting published ?