Community voting results

Thanks appel! Results seem fair to me - I know I’m happy :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed though: The description for my game on is missing a bit that’s included both on the game’s website and the forum post (the credit to the author of the original Flywrench). I was sure I’d put it there, but I suppose I might have cut it out by accident when doing my last edit. Is it possible for me to edit that back in (and would it be OK to update the entry just to add that)?

Big congrats to zeroone, for winning the community vote two times in a row! (previous win was with Laser Pinball). Looks like we got another notch here :slight_smile:

I think it’s possible to update it still yes.

Damn…my top 10 is almost nothing like the community’s top 10. My tastes/review style must be different!

changes scores around a bit

… or… the community is wrong!! :-X

No, seriously, the reason for a judging panel is for a more balanced review process. Because not everyone who participate in community voting will review all the games and weigh them relative to each other. Personal preference of judges is an added wildcard, but the purpose of multiple judges is to balance that factor out.

Yeah, I have to agree with Appel. Whatever you originally thought for the voting process of your games should be the one that you publish. The community isn’t really required to go through every single game, so the point distribution will be a little bias depending on what games the community played more of. (Well, except for people like me who went through and played every single game.)

Guilty as charged: I did not try all apo collection ;D

good job for every participant! i did start a game but real-lifetm got in my way.

It is interesting to see what the community’s collective taste is. Can we have an idea of how many voted?

Almost same with my sheet :slight_smile:

@ra4king: We’re the judges, just score what your mind tell ya! And if you feel wrong of subjective, remember lot of people even had to die in 18th century because of that.

Add all the points and divide by 50 :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just for funsies I added up all the scores: 2800 divided by 50 = 56 people voted. Not as many as I had hoped, oh well :slight_smile:

I should have seen that! i blame my head cold…

That seems about right, the contest is really only known by members of this forum.

I think the registration needed to vote reduce the participation.

Ah, results. Well done zeroone; very nicely balanced entries again this year.
Couple in the top ten, I didn’t expect and will go back and play again and one or two I liked that other folks didn’t.
Got to go, work calls. Looking forward to the judges votes.

Congratz to zeroone, teletubo and dapy.

My personal top 3 (Dord, Plants 4K Zombies, and my ApoBeam4k :wink: ) are in the community top 10, not bad. =)

Perhaps. Last year there were more participation though.

Maybe facebook sign-in would be better? Might make things more complex. Maybe share user accounts between jgo and java4k? Still need registration. In any case you will need some sort of spam/cheat prevention. I reviewed the votes this year and there’s no visible spam/chat.

[quote] In any case you will need some sort of spam/cheat prevention.
I understand perfectly the need, and I have no magical solution. :’(

By the way, congratulation zeroone, teletubo and dapy.
I particulary like Tiny World and GC 2 this year (even if it’s a remake).

Congratulations zeroone! An excellent and deserved winner this year.

I must say, the shear variety of entries was quite incredible. It seems that we covered every possible game genre!

Flywrench was my personal favourite.

Thanks dapy! Made my day. :slight_smile:

I thought Tiny World was incredibly cool - one of the sweetest-looking 4k games I’ve seen. I was a bit rushed when trying the games, though I tried to give feedback to all the games. I missed a few of Apo’s since there were so many, but apart from that I think I commented on each of them. Unfortunately that meant I didn’t quite get a proper grasp of the gameplay for Tiny World. I wouldn’t be surprised if I returned to it to get a deeper understanding of it, though. :>

I actually had my bets on Dord, not Raibow Road. The gameplay in Dord is really fun.
Congratz to all who participated!

Looking forward to next year’s competition!

Aye, Dord is pretty great. My personal favorites were Wizzy 4K and Sorcerer4K, though there were quite a few really nice puzzle games as well. :slight_smile: