Community Voting Has Started!

Can you keep community voting open until the judges are finished? That will provide more time for community feedback.

And the judges will wait for community finished. INFINITY LOOP!

That’s actually a deadlock.

As most as I am curious to see the community voting results, I think the voting process would benefit from a few days more, since now the site seems way more stable than it was the past weeks.

Voted :slight_smile:

Ok, then, I was actually going to ask this, but community voting stays open until Wednesday. That way we get both results at the same time.

Not really, while on wait judges will review again his sheet and community votes might be increased. Just no passively waiting.

My next set of free time is all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and half of Wednesday. I’m going to cram my remaining 50 reviews in those 3.5 days :smiley:

Yeah Sunday and Monday will be the boost day.

have you read my PM?

Hey guys. Where are the results?

Community voting was extended until march 20th.


should feedback be anonymous?

I dont see any reason for being anonymous.

If people are trolling/grieving, they should be identified and put to shame.

If they’re giving good feedback they should be proud to be identified.

well i would suggest the opposite, feedback should be anonymous. What good can come from identifying the owners? the feedback is the same if done anonymously.At least it would protect the feed back owner from being “abused” by others, not necessarily the entry’s author but other zealous individuals.

What I forgot to ask also is…

should the number of points also be visible along with the feedback… and if so… should the feedback be anonymous or not?

I think: Show feedback with names, but not with points.

Btw the judges give feedback with their names… but I don’t think anyone has had any issues about it. Feedback that is “malicious”/“trolling” will be censored away.

[quote]Btw the judges give feedback with their names…
Real name, and user name… where they can find out your email, spam you, black mail you. Then they get your address, your family, your friends, and terror them one by one. What a risky job I have here.

Truly, ReBirth.

I don’t see why feedback would need to be anonymous, but I’m fine with either solution. :slight_smile:

Question needs more context. I assumed that the only person who would see the feedback was the game author, but it appears that teletubo and moogle assume that everyone will see it. Which is the case?

(Personally I don’t mind either way, although I don’t think that the individual point allocations should be public or you lose an important aspect of the distinction between community voting and judges).

Would people be more willing to give honest feedback it was anonymous?


Some, while others abuse it.

This is a rather small community, do you think very many people would abuse it? (there is always SOMEONE, but it may be the exception)