big brother is watching

yes, judges, we’re watching you. :wink:

Unable to load resource:

Got that told some hours ago. Dunno how long it was broken :-\

edit: ah… should point at

<- so that jar should be removed there

fixed, ty :wink:

Quite some effort! But it’s done ;D

Those other judges need to get too work…


Logically, wouldn’t the “big brothers” be the judges? If that’s true it’s the little brothers who are watching… eh… :stuck_out_tongue:


Umm, anyone else getting the feeling that maybe Mr_Light doesn’t know he’s a judge? :-\

He might have downloaded all the games and creates the scores in an Excel sheet or something before uploading them. But it would be a good thing check out if there is any doubt.

You’re now officially ‘faster than light’ :wink:

wow. I’m… not sure how to respond to a pun of such magnitude. o_o

I must admit that I really need sleep…

sorry, Mr_Light, but you’ve been at 0 all week. thanks anyway…

Wow 95% complete! Go Malohkan and tim! Will the results become available immediately?

Only one more to go!! ooohh!! :smiley:

Looks like Malokan got to ‘X’ for Xero, and is too busy playing to vote. ;D :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I finally got to level 2!! Haha just kidding :wink: I’m done now! Sorry about that. Honestly I started the game yesterday after going on a rampage throughout the day with em and didn’t have enough time to play it because life distracted me. After that I forgot to return to it! I guess my subconcious told me I was done :wink:

oh lol.

yeah, my apologies was gonna play all the games first then pritty much fill them all in, see also the other thread.

so whos won ?

“And the winner is…” (opening envelope)
Oops. Sorry, I’m not the one to announce this :>