Attack of the Gelatinous Blob

Attack of the Gelatinous Blob is a hilarious real-time strategy/tower assault game where you aim to take over the world with the mighty power of hungry blobs.

I have our demo ready for you to try and we also just launched a Kickstarter for it:

I would love some feedback of the demo. It’s still in development so there are some pretty awesome bugs.
Demo location:

As a little background, my name is Brent and I am one of the core developers of jMonkeyEngine. So feel free to message me and say Hi!


I love it! It’s gelatinous!

Really nice! Reminds me of this movie that I watched a while back.

It is so very gelatinous. With a slimy residue.

I liked it! You’ve got nice textures.


Well done! I tried the demo and was victorious before it really took of, but i guess that’s just because it’s a demo and a kind of tutorial level.
One thing that i’m missing is the option to select a group across multiple screens. Once you reach the screen’s borders, it starts to scroll and you are losing your formerly selected units. Adding units to group by pressing shift doesn’t seem to work either. And can i assign them to the number keys somehow?

Thanks for the feedback EgonOlsen!
You cannot assign groups yet, but I plan to add that in. Also a way to select all blobs of a certain type.

Adding units to the group with shift used to work… maybe I broke that recently. I will try and fix it asap. Not sure what the scrolling issue is, I will look into that too.

The level is a little too easy right now. I’ve made it harder and will upload the new version tonight. It will update for you automatically next time you run the game this weekend.

Thanks again!

Actually it remind me of Wayne’s World

I had an error: When I clicked the link in start menu

Then I’ve went into the appdata folder and opened cmd from it as administrator.

java -jar AotGBlob.exe .

This opened the splash screen and it said downloading. I waited for half an hour but nothing happened. When I clicked on that dialog, it said not responding and I had to force quit it from the task manager. Why can’t you put the original game directly in the setup you provided?

My PC configuration is

Windows 8 Pro 32 bit
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.46 GHz
ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce 210 1GB Graphics card.

Sorry about that error. The version I put up is the 64bit version. I will upload the 32 bit this morning and let you know when it is there.

Looks impressive, definitely a very unique graphics style. The artwork is awesome, except the human firing animations seem a bit clunky.

A noticed a small glitch that happens when you enable shadows. It only happens in the start screen, not in game and only once after enabling shadows. So it’s not a big deal but i thought i might post it anyway: (I had to make a picture with my phone because i wasn’t able to get a proper screen shot from the game… ??? ).

OS is Window 7 64 bit, GPU is a Geforce GTX 680 using the latest official drivers.

hmpf that’s an interesting one. The shadows seem to be ignoring the depth test. I’ll look into it.

The gun fire animation is a bit clunky, I gotta rework a lot of their animations.

Here’s the 32 bit windows version:


Sorry :smiley:


Please include the game files in the setup only! I can’t download more than 150 MB a day and your downloader stops at 18%. I can’t browse the net in that time too!


Funny video comment. Is it you in the video?

@Cero nice =)

@SHC Hmm, well the game is 360mb. I could put the core game files in a torrent and set that up as the initial download. Then you will have those to start and it will run. It will still check to see if there are updates and will load those automatically, but those are usually only a few MB per update.

@SHC Here’s the .torrent

You will need to extract it to a directory that you have admin access to as the program will try to create and copy files from the server when it tries to auto-update.

If you run into issues let me know and I will fix them asap.


Thanks for your time for making the torrent. But is it 32 bit version? I’ve found ‘lwjgl64.dll’ in it’s contents.