Appreciate confirmation?

Like in topic. Maybe there should be some kind of yes/no popup when you click “Appreciate” button?

That’s a good idea. I’ve accidentally given out a few medals myself. =S

Nope. It should take 1 click to be nice.

How about the appreciate link turns into an unappreciate link on posts you’ve given medals to?

I would prefer an undo button, even if it were time restricted so you couldn’t take medals away to spite someone weeks later. I’ve come close to hitting that button instead of the quote button quite a few times. And, sometimes there is the impulse to reward someone immediately without reading an entire thread only to find out someone else deserved the reward later.

(Side note about user interfaces, because it’s a programming forum:) Undo is also generally preferable to prompting yes or no. The latter forces the user to think twice even for routine tasks and forces them to make a permanent decision. The former doesn’t interrupt the user’s flow, allows them to work casually instead of cautiously, and allows them to reverse something if they change their mind, but doesn’t force them to think twice immediately.

Edit: Should have typed faster or skipped the lesson in the second paragraph. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exacly. We should be able to unappreciate, at least for first few minutes. (medal can be invisible for anyone else in this time)

So much drama. Get a grip guys. Do you find yourself accidently smiling at a person, then walking up to him/her, explaining how it was a mistake and you merely wanted to express a neutral facial expression?

I’ve worked on so much addons to this forum, and the majority is ignored or people start complaining, some even call my effort a waste of time. There’s always somebody with another opinion and you can’t please everybody. Meanwhile there is an endless stream of feature requests, catering to the niche of the niche.

I’m not really interested in UI lessons, and how the analogy of the undo button is extended to this forum feature, suggesting that the current appreciation button breaks the users flow. There are no potentially detrimental side effects to clicking the button, so if that triggers caution you should relax, take a step back, turn off the PC and wonder what went wrong.

Let alone the hours I would have to put in it, integrating stuff into horrible SMF (PHP) code and then ofcourse being actually used a dozen times a year.

I hope you guys find a way to channel your caution towards showing appreciation, into something more positive, like showing more appreciation.

Hey it will decrease my medals income, on luck factor! ;D

ya it isnt a bad thing being nice to someone even if it isnt meant :smiley:

and why am i noticing that riven gets >0 medals in each of his posts? <.< i havent seen one where he has gotten 0

Because Riven only makes worthwhile and highly valued posts

No, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t try to avoid doing it again in the future. If everyone ran around smiling the smiles wouldn’t be worth anything. Are you proposing we make smiles the new Facebook likes? Free medals to anyone who medals me! xD

I think no one except completely new people haven’t seen how much you’re doing for this forum, and I respect the fact that you’re working on this in your free time. I think most features are being used more than you might think (well, except the Wiki maybe). If something isn’t used very much it’s most likely because it passed under the radar. For example, I suddenly got over 10 highlights when you created a thread about them.

Well, I still want a confirmation button. Or we can just rename this thread “The Epic Medals-for-everyone thread” and get it over with.

Well I still think a real wiki would be cool, but seeing the massive success of the current and previous…

When was ‘accidently’ redefined to meaning ‘all the time’ ? Really…

In case I’m unclear, let me elaborate: you’re saying that when everybody gives everybody else medals all time time, their value would diminish. True. Is this throwing around of medals actually the case? Nope.

This is so far off the point, that I’m going to say ‘yes’ and watch the odd discussion it triggers.

I approve of moving this topic to chit chat and let it die off. :slight_smile:

If you think that it is so horrible that you once in a while make someone happy by accident, and want Riven to spend some of his free time to make it so that you can correct your errors, then this forum has fallen really far compared to a couple of years ago…


I could make a greasemonkey script to do confirmation on “appreciate”, but I have to imagine the people clicking it are the ones trying to suffer through SMF on phones, stabbing at links on a 4" screen with their meaty digits. You have to be all kinds of drunk to make a habit of missing it on the desktop.

Who cares about appreciation, go off and code something awesome in Java! like perhaps a Game! ;D

I’d appreciate more mobile users :slight_smile:

On the moment your argument is invalid sir. Invalid! ;D

Your post is quite irrelephant to this discussion.