in ApoSheeptastic the objective is to clear all the flower pieces with the sheeps to finish the level. Sounds easy and it is. =)

What is implemented?

  • some easy, minimalist, nice looking gui
  • an online highscore list
  • an ingame editor with upload function
  • save your game and play again later
  • 4 achievements
  • 42 levels
  • a tutorial

current development status video: video

Download and Applet: ApoSheeptastic


Very confusing at first but I got the hang of it. Quite fun, good job!!

Btw - I think your screenshot link is broken ;D

very nice, one tiny notice is that the pointer should change to hand on interactive item (button)

Thanks for the feedback!!!

I implemented the handcursorbutton and removed some little bugs. I hope now its bugfree and u have fun with that little game. =)

Now u can really get all 4 achievements and I removed one more bug ::slight_smile:

Like last time: I hope now its bugfree and u have fun with that little game. =)


I made an android version of that game. I hope you like it. It’s done with slick AE.

Download: Android Market

Is there this game on GameJolt? Because I found very similar game few months ago there and liked it. Very interesting idea and style. Although, a little bit confusing at the beginning.

I love your ApoNotSimple although can’t make it end. Maybe this one :slight_smile:

Nice game! Love the graphics, and a good idea. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback and @asphaltgalaxy yes it is on gamejolt since April 2011.

Has someone tested the android version of ApoSimple? Now I’ve implemented an online highscore. Its my first try and it would be very great if I can get some feedback wheter everything runs fine or crashes on some devices etc. It wasn’t easy (for me) to get the softkeyboard in the SlickAE library. =)

Thanks for your help!


I added in the first post a new screenshot. At the moment it is only a possible rough sketch, but on my android phone it looks nice. =)
Do you like the new design? Do you have other ideas what I can change to make a better game.

Thanks for the feedback. =)

I like the new design much more! It is fun and cute and colourful. I would love to see some animation on the sheep, maybe every 10 sec they look at you or they could move their eyes or something like that. And the ducks could be animated as well. Perhaps the player could choose between these 2 designs.

I gave the Android version a go, and it worked very nicely. It’s slickly presented, nice to play, and builds up to an interesting challenge on later levels.

Assorted comments:

  • The application installs as ApoSimpleSmart. The name doesn’t need to tell me that it’s running on a smartphone, I’d figured that out for myself. ;D (Also, to be honest, I don’t think “ApoSimple” is a great name for a casual puzzle game. Something more like “SheepLinks” or “PuzzleSheep” maybe?)

  • I expected the Android ‘back’ button to step back through the menus, and only to exit the application on the main menu. Maybe that’s just me though.

  • The graphics looked very aliased on my screen, in particular the edges of the text were very rough. I guess this isn’t an issue if you’re doing a full graphics overhaul though.

  • I didn’t hear any sound, but I’m guessing that’s because there wasn’t any yet. (There should be. And an annoying tune. :wink: )

  • I didn’t realise at first that there was a limit on the number of moves. How about animating the “Move” counter in some way whenever it ticks down (e.g., the number grows in size before it changes)?

  • The points that appear (floating +42 or whatever) when the pieces disappear don’t seem to be related to the “Points” values on the right of the screen.

  • The new graphical style looks great! Maybe the sheep could change colour a bit when they’re in the flowers (currently it’s a bit difficult to see)?

  • I didn’t submit a high score I’m afraid. I didn’t read the thread properly until I’d played the game already. (Sorry!)


Thanks for your feedback!!!

  • the idea with the option to choose between the 2 designs is good. I will implement this.

  • the name … yeah you are right. The name will be changed. I like “Sheeptastic”. Do you like it too? “PuzzleSheep” is simple but I like it too.

  • the “back”-button: I like it to exit the game but I will try your suggestion and will test it. Perhaps its better. =)

  • yes at the moment I try to make a new “sheep” graphicdesign.

  • at the moment there is no sound. That is an issue you are right. But in the next version there will be sound, I found an artist which is making the background music.

  • the idea with the animation is cool. Thanks will be implemented.

  • when you get a +8 you will get immediately +8 to your "Points"score

  • the idea with changing the color of the sheep when standing on a flower piece is cool. Thanks. Will be implemented. =)

  • it isn’t easy to get under the top 100 because some people are really good. My best is place 53 … in my own game. :smiley:

Thumbs up! ;D

First I thought it was a 4K game (which still could be made :slight_smile: )

Played both the Applet and Android version.
There is great potential here!

The graphics should change. Sheep are good.

I would love a playing mode where you have to find
the one sheep that can clear the whole level with one
Or maybe three moves to clear the whole board and
not replace the directions and leave the empty spots
on the board.
Another option could be that the player as the opportunity
to change the direction of one ´sheep´ to gain better flow.

I don’t know if you have later levels that introduce
different kind of objects, but I would like something to
be blocking the shape in the middle. I found the middle
‘sheep’ to score the heaviest. Now it seems that there
are only ´good´ colors.

At the moment I´m not challenged enough to pick
the right direction.

Again I feel great potential here for a more-in-depth game.

Well done and good luck!

Best regards from

Now I have make the cow to step on flowers? ;D

Thanks for the feedback. I want to show you the current development status.

I love your idea with the levels … so I made some levels (at the moment 30).

video of the current development status

Do you like it? =)

It’s looking really good so far! :slight_smile:

Now I uploaded an alpha-version of the game.
I would appreciate any feedback.

What is new:

  • A playing mode with 30 levels where you have to find the solution to clear the whole level with as few steps as possible. If you solve a level you will get stars. More stars means better solution.
  • An online highscore for the day, week, month and all time
  • new graphic style =)

What is missing and will be implemented in the next version:

  • sound
  • Android version
  • idle animation for the sheeps
  • more “life” in the menu etc

Link to the applet

Click here