ApoBeam4k is a clever action puzzler, where players use sets of portals to navigate the character to its goal.
Since the agent automatically moves, players must time when to activate the portal pairs to use the appropriate trajectory.

Play the game with the keyboard.
Press the number on the portal to activate it.

Because I really love the concept I’m making a big version with enemies and more players who are moving at the same time etc.
I hope you like it.

Play it on Java4k.com


What a creative game!

I can say it successes mixing action + puzzle.

I like it.

Nice game.
Timing and key combinations.

Clever and addictive, really like it!

This is pretty good indeed!
My only complaint is that it is over too fast… you have to add more levels! Squeeze this motherf****!!!

Ps1: you DO know pack200 is allowed, right ? I just compiled your sourcecode and proguarded it then pack200ed it, and the results are:

4.181 out.jar <— after proguard
3.283 out.pack.gz <---- after pack200

so why not making more levels ? :slight_smile:

PS2: Is the main character the PSY guy from Gangnam Style ??

At first.

Thanks for testing the game.

At the moment I use 7zip and JShrink.
Pack200? I didn’t know about that tool until now. OMG with that information I can make more level. (for all my 21 4k games this year yeahhh)
I will make an editor too. So you can make and share levels if you want.

BIG, big, big thanks for the information.

The main character was planned as an 8-bit-agent but you are right … he looks like PSY.

Just export the jar in eclipse as out.jar, then use:

"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_09\bin\pack200" -G -E9 c:\jars\out.pack.gz out.jar

5.791 out.jar --> 3.243 out.pack.gz

:slight_smile: good luck

I programmed an editor.

Make your own level and if you solve it the levelstring will be copied into clipboard. So when you want to make an own level, download the editor and paste your levelstring here if you want.

I make my new levels with that editor too. =)

€dit: If you want to load a level made by another user, copy it to the clipboard (press ctrl + c) und press ‘L’ ingame to load it.

One level to test: 111111111116d11111111111161111111111111611111110110116111a1120110316b500660044001100001110000111000011111111110000111111111100001111111111000000000000000000000000000000

OK seriously how are you so good at making levels for puzzle games? You’ve made so many puzzle games with awesome (and hard) levels that I’m amazed at your skill! :slight_smile:


I removed some collision bugs, added some levels (at the moment all in all the game has 15 levels), changed old levels and added a new tile: The iceblock. Touch the iceblock and after 2 seconds the block is gone. So now you have to think about where to go.
So all in all ApoBeam4k is more fun now and a little bit harder.

Next steps (because at the moment the game is only 3,49kb, thanks lovely pack200):

  • more levels
  • a new extra tile (do you have a wish or a suggestion? then please tell it)

I hope you like it and big thanks for your feedback. =)

Verry addictave game. I was playing it 30 minuets. Some very orginal puzzels! :slight_smile:

Note that pack200 uses a crappy implementation of the GZ compressor. Uncompress it to out.pack, and recompress it with kzip, with buffer-size 96 to out.pack.zip, then strip the zip-headers and you end up with out.pack.gz, probably a few hundred bytes smaller than default GZ.

Yes, that’s what I’m doing right now.
I’m doing the same steps as described here

This is the bestest known solution, right ?

I made a new tileset.

Do you like it more? Should I upload the new version or is the old version better?

Thanks to HeroesGraveDev for the inspiration. =)

I would get rid of the light grey bricks and return a border to the dark ones. Maybe use a different, more subtle texture for the light grey background.

Thanks for the feedback. Is that better?

That looks much better :slight_smile:

I updated ApoBeam4k on Java4k with the new look. I hope you like it.