Tried it, played till level 10 or so, then I unfortunately had to run. I think it was a lot of fun though - neat concept :slight_smile:

Have you tried using letters instead of numbers for the portals? That way you can have them closer together and not distributed over the entire length of the keyboard. Might make more sense for normal QWERTY keyboards, don’t know about AZERTY and Dvorak and the like…

I used the number pad… Except for one level where I had to cheat to get the timing right and used both sets of number keys.

Oh. Clever… I didn’t think of that :wink:

It was level 14. I just beat it using one set of keys in four tries. I don’t know if the level was made easier or what, but it was harder to time before. :expressionless:

The player texture is like HeroGraveDev`s form Guardian! :slight_smile:

Trying it right now and it’s working for me under Ubuntu Linux and Chrome browser. I press the number “1” and keep it pressed, the number highlights and nothing else happens. Am I missing something?

You need to hold down two numbers, so if you hold down 1 and 2 the player will teleport from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 1.


Wow this is a great game! Great concept and a nice twist on the controls. A couple of levels in I got that feeling of satisfying annoyance only a good hard game can give. :slight_smile:

Two thumbs up! :smiley: