Age is just a number....

Dear JGO Community,

I read two very disturbing posts today in the what’s your favorite game thread and while I initially decided to hold my tongue, I decided I could no longer keep quiet. The two comments in question are:


Yes, just pause and let that sink in.

When I played Zork, Infocom was still a company and when DOOM came out (just Doom, not Doom 2 or Doom 3), I was in college. So this leads me to my question: Just how old are you people?


Actual (aged 38)

Huh? I’m 20. Don’t worry, there are people of all ages here. :wink:

20 aswell. And deep inside… I really hate you… for being the same age as me but possessing so much more programming knowledge. But dont worry, I wont hurt you 8)

  1. Today’s my birthday in fact. Now get off my lawn :slight_smile:
    (don’t know why I say that … I haven’t had a lawn since I was a kid)

Well, I’m 14…but look at all the awesome retro games I missed out on!

Happy Birthday sproingie!

Congrats, old man!

I grew up with an Atari 2600, played just about everything on that to death, then went on to a C64. I was playing Ultima IV while all the kids thought Zelda was the most awesomest “RPG” ever. Never did get into NES til I started playing my stepbrother’s console while home from college.

21 here ;D
Its obvious knowledge is not bound to age here.
Maybe its also fun to mention how long were into programming.
I really started programming (Actionscript (Flash) and php) when i was around 14-15 :slight_smile:

I’m 27 years. (Been programming since I was 13.)

This forum has people from all over the place in the Java programming world. I’ve learned a lot about Java and OpenGL that is valuable and could not be learned anywhere else. Not bad for a gaming forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and…

Happy birthday sproingie!

I didn’t imagine you were so old :stuck_out_tongue:


Age is just a number, but like most numbers, more is better.

It’s a pity. The lower the number, the less you are taken serious…

15 here.



Oh damn, I’ve got competition!

Cheers! :smiley:

I am 17 years old.

EDIT: I started programming a year ago. People like Agro, ctommni231, Jimmt, and Sickan all make me hate myself for not programming at an earlier age :emo:.

I’m a grand total of 26 summers old. :slight_smile:

I’m 23 and i feel old already :emo:

Well, i guess it doesn’t matter how old you are, but how you adapt to new stuff.
I sure wanna get to 60 programming in Z++ and playing some Call of Duty 278 - Zombies inside your average Zombie. (Just a metaphor, though: I hate COD)

I started Java when i was nearly turning 10 :slight_smile:

Programming web since 11. (Gave up because HTML/PHP is useless for games. Did not know about Javascript)
Programming Java since late last year (modding Minecraft)
Programming my own games since the start of this year.
Programming a networked game (without Kryonet) since two months before I turned 14. (but I gave up)
Programming with LWJGL since 1 month before I turned 14.
Programming a voxel engine since two weeks before I turned 14.