4ssassin's Creep: Derivations

It’s 4K time again, so here’s my big game rip-off for this year;


4ssassin’s Creep: Derivations

Finishing the game is fairly easy if you just kill off all the guards, but getting full synch is much more of a challenge!

Nice, i like it.

The first level could be a bit shorter though.
Like 20 coins. So the a levelchange is coming quicker.

Well done.

Very nice for only 4k :slight_smile:


Really fun! I was RAGING hard after having 20 biscuits and then getting spotted T__T.
I’m quite jealous of how you were able to fit all that in a 4K game!

Great job :slight_smile:

Quoted. Now you can’t take it back.

What’s wrong with what I said?

Seriously? You cookie eating exhibitionist! xD

Nope, still clueless :clue:

get spotted lose - bonus points for not killing

as a Metal Gear fan, I approve

Very well done.

You weren’t supposed to eat the biscuits! They were poisoned! :o

I was collecting them peoples :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: ohhh theagentd…your signature…I hate you… :cranky: :stuck_out_tongue:


End of off-topic rambling.

cookie. try to google it ;D commonly used in Japan fan.

back to topic:
It’s really nice game. Love the killing effect and map ::slight_smile:

Back in again.

What? I don’t know that. I was more joking about the getting hard part. >_>

Great game. I’m always impress by how much you guys can fit into 4k

After a few tweaks to the compression chain I’ve managed to fit in 2 more missions! Try them here.

what?! 2 more?! :open_mouth:

The new missions add a lot to the interest of the game, and make its difficulty more progressive, which is good. So many games here are so hard as soon as they start. This is really discouraging for most players.

And about your 4ssassin’s Creep: Derivations, I should add that technically, it is perfect… Your next should be some derivative from Prince of Persia !

LoL I can’t find the target of lvl 2.