Youtube OpenGL series

I’m starting a tutorial series on OpenGL development. The series uses Java with the Lightweight Java Game Library, currently there are four episodes - and I will be making more. It starts from very basic (and deprecated) OpenGL, and will move on to more modern OpenGL. These videos were hosted on another channel, but I’ve moved them to this one.

Also, I’m aware of the rule where you can’t post links, but apparently if you embed the video; it’s okay! So hope I’m not doing anything wrong, anyway, thank’s for reading :slight_smile:


Can I ask why you’re starting with old deprecated code? There’s no point in teaching functions you will not need!

I suppose at the time of creating the series, I didn’t take that into account. But in a way, it’s just my way of ‘easing’ someone into learning something that people can find kind of intimidating. But the series will cover modern OpenGL :slight_smile:

The video no longer exists…