YAGE (Yet Another Game Engine)

I got sick of writing a lot of boilerplate for the games I make, as I noticed that I started writing the same code over and over again, I never really liked to use LibGDX for some odd reason (just never got into it I guess :P), so I decided to write a “engine” (it’s really a library I guess, but eh). I just started working on it yesterday and it’s really basic, but I’m hoping to add more and more components as the project matures.

You can check out the code on Github here.

Oh no, yet another engine >:(

Make games, not engines.

I’m dreadfully sorry for creating SJGL and re-energizing the “Make your Own Engine” craze.

Really, this mainly was a personal project because it gets very tiring to write the same code over, and over, and over again :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually find it fun making engines… Sometimes I might say I prefer making engines over making games…

First off, these aren’t engines. These are libraries (thank you, OP, for noting the difference).

Second, if your library isn’t mature or have a lot of POLISHED features, then please don’t post them here. Plenty of us use our own little libraries when developing, but we don’t share them because most of the time they have specific case uses. No offense, but your library will probably never take over LibGDX or any of the major libraries simply because LibGDX is mature and has been in development for years by some very dedicated and knowledgeable people. There is absolutely no need to throw up your library on this forum after you have been programming it for a few days.

Keep it to yourself unless your library does something amazing, or fixes a problem that exists.

I really don’t mind that you said “your library will probably never take over LibGDX or any of the major libraries”, that wasn’t really my goal. My goal was to make something I’d, and maybe a few other people would like to use. I never intend to be bigger than an already established library. And I was going to try and make some point about how “this is the WIP section, blah, blah, blah”, but then I realized it said WIP games, and not just general WIP, that was my bad.

Seems somewhat harsh, I think a “What I did today” post might be suitable (“Finished x game library today…”), but yeah new threads might be a bit much for a personal tool.

To be honest, I read the topic name wrong and realized it said WIP Games, and not just WIP, which might make a bit more sense as to why this is getting flamed a lot.

Nah, you’re getting flamed because it’s opiop :stuck_out_tongue:

What I said is more for future reference, but paying attention to board guidelines is always a good idea.

I’m not flaming him… I don’t know why everyone thinks I am trolling or trying to cause fights, I am simply stating my opinion. Just because it’s harsh doesn’t mean it’s flaming.

It’s ok for me, there is neither defamation nor insult in your posts and in my humble opinion, the conflicts are part of the social life.