Xtrike - Shooting&Strategy game - Now on Google Play & Steam created by JavaFX

Steam address here:

Google play address here:


Still on very early access stage
but the arts work is almost there
we are working on the rest battle units to enrich the game.

We are using JavaFX 13 to build the game
and use jlink to create win/mac/linux runtime
and then bundle the runtime with the classes
thus players don’t need to install JVM/JRE.
And we also planning to include 3D rendering models
with NativeFX:

but for now 2D arts are enough

First JavaFX app on Steam, anyone?

Cas :slight_smile:


Looks like that one is first: http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/bee-aware/38635/view.html.

So I asume, this is second :smiley:

Graphics looking good, very colorful.

If this is made with JavaFX, you could probably do a mobile port pretty easily with Gluon Mobile? Looks like it’d play well on mobile. Bought the game to support you :slight_smile:

Theoretically yes, but for now, mobile part of JavaFX is not mature yet
I think Johan Vos is working hard to complete Android part of Graal compiler
We are closely watching his Twitter account and follow his activities :slight_smile:

As an alternative we chose Flutter to make the mobile version of this game
and we just released to Google Play several days ago
here is the link:



Translate Java code into Dart code is simple and easy
but the operation of mobile is some how different from desktop
so for the controller part of MVC pattern
we rewrite the code and the view & model part is simply translate Java code into Dart code

We may release a version of PvP soon
like Steam version vs Google Play version
Desktop player vs Mobile player


Have you looked into Gluon Mobile? I tried it about a year ago and it works quite well.
If you have a .edu email they give you a 1 year license for testing as well (if you contact them).

As far as we know, there is a memory leak problem about drawImage on Linux while we use drawImage heavily and intensively
and Android is some how like Linux so we are probably not able to export the game on Android
and seems like Gluon is working on Gluon Substrate project
so for now it would be a good idea to wait a while

Memory leak when running javafx on Linux:

@whitewoodcity Cool images of the Game. One question. Did you have a go with Libgdx library for this before just using JavaFx?

Thanks for your appreciation

The game is made just by JavaFX, did not know Libgdx when building the game