WSW looking for 3D modelers


We’re looking for 3D modeling services for the We Shall Wake project ( We are able to provide concept art for the work we need.

We’re interested in 3 different kind of models:

  • A few hundred generic prop models. These include rocks, pipes, machines, smaller buildings, etc to populate our post-apocalyptic underground world. These props are to be very low poly, the vast majority under 300 triangles. 512x512 diffuse textures would be enough here, even less for most of the models.

  • Around 50 “tile” models, which are specific wall segments, floor segments and ceiling segments used to create randomly generated worlds. These are always under 100 triangles, often less and have strict requirements as they have to fit together seamlessly. Again, 512x512 diffuse textures would be enough here. Here are a few examples:

We’re sadly not able to pay a huge amount of money for these, as the money is coming out of our pockets.

Please contact us at theagentdhotmailcom if you’re interested.