Wrapped, Weighted, Voronoi heightmap generator

I made a voronoi heightmap generator based off some stuff I found online. It was hard to find some material on the actual specific subject itself, and I wanted a more proprietary implementation that got straight to the heightmaps plain and simple. You input voronoi points (position, weight) it outputs a float array, non-weighed or weighed depending on if you use the ‘factory’ or not.

Here’s the git repo, if you find any errors let me know. I didn’t really test this since I copied it from my main project but here you go!

For the record I’ll probably fix up a few things here and there to make it more usable, this isn’t a library it’s an implementation for you to look at and hopefully copy into something more neat

Could you post a video?

Sorry for the necro

I’ll see if I can write a blog post about it and maybe narrate that, but I have to get it working again first