WoW Server Development [Project Shadowcrown]

Sup guys, aside from lurking the forums 24/7, i’m developing a wow server with 2 of my best friends. We almost have the website done, the android app is on the go and we have a solid server core. We are fixing bugs and scripting raids right now, but its going very slowly, so we need help. I know that this is a java forum but i’m sure some of you guys know c++. Voluntarism would be greatly appreciated but we can also offer some cash (would be discussed based on skill/productivity of an individual). Leave a res/pm me/call me on skype (olopsp)

TL;DR LF a good c++ programmer

Looking for a good c++ programmer… okay… Would a c++ forum not be better, since after all this is a Java forum? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also isn’t a WoW against WoW terms of service. They have shut lots of that stuff fairly consistently.

  • they have been taking legal action towards many private WoW servers all over the past month… Is it a good idea to make your own?

“but i’m sure some of you guys know c++” :stuck_out_tongue: just enlarging the chance to find someone

Theoretically yes, practically no. We will be hosting our servers in Russia, Blizzard has no legal reach there. Besides we (me and my friends) love WoW and there is no good TBC server out there. Everything is low quality and made only for making money.

Again, legally we are secure :slight_smile: We had it discussed with our friend who is studying law.

Considering the Nostalrius controversy - blizzard might be offering up Legitimate vanilla servers soon.

Ye, the Blizzard x Nostalrius x Mark Kern meeting is scheduled, so we might get something.

Considering there are so many, making a small one yourself isnt really going to bring a lot of attention until you get big.

We are making a TBC server.

Hopefully! I would actually return to WoW if this works out. Tho i will still keep developing my beloved tbc server :3

We have already spoken to youtubers such as dodgykebaab and MrGamemasterReviews and they have guaranteed us a review. We also made accounts on all social sites and are preparing a trailer. We are expecting initial player base of 1000-2000 users. But again, our servers and operations will be based in Russia, Blizzard has no legal reach there.

We need a c++ developer because fixing database issues is one thing, and scripting raids is another. We simply don’t have enough manpower to do that much, considering we have set a deadline for ourselfs - solstice on June 21, 12:24 AM EDT

Since this is a java-gaming forum, why not build your own core in Java? It’s been done and I’m working on one rn :3

when you can use MaNGOS + hi already have 99% working quests and raids for TBC, LK …

ppl simple make servers and site in one click from templates and billions torrent customized packs)
+there are billions alive TBC, LK, even custom servers =)

p.s useless and unprofitable…
if you want play with friends on custom server

  • deploy mangos on own PC and use hamachi, or take any server with x100-x1000

I was actually thinking of this, but there are already premade cores out there, and we don’t want to spend an eternity reinventing the wheel :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you show something from your project? Im really intrigued by this. Props to you!

Oh icecore icecore… lets break this down:
1.We are in fact using mangos! What a surprise! And guess what, there are tons of bugs, raids are NOT properly scripted, they only exist as a placeholder.
2. No, you cant make a server and a site in one click, sorry its not that easy. You obviously dont know what the hell you are talking about.
Yes, you can download a core with 10% content, set up a shitty webpage with template forums and a homepage, host a server with hamachi, but what you end up with is a shitty server, webpage and hosting. We want to provide full WoW experience as it was back in the day, with 100% content, a professional website and fast servers.
3. No, our server is not useless. There is no 100%/99% working TBC server out there. None. And most people think tbc/wotlk were the best expansions.
4. We aren’t making this for profit. We will spend all the money that the server gets on game and web servers maintenance.
5. Hamachi… are you playing minecraft or what?

Sorry for the harsh words, but i just wanted to inform you how skewed you perspective on some matters is.

its ok =)

cmangos or mangos?)

You can’t – core don’t have contents at all :stuck_out_tongue:
There are many Quests DB (TrinityDB, YTDB… etc) – in 99% cases bugs in DB not in mangos core

what you mean “shitty server”? You have same shitty server core - all have same =)

webpage have 5-10 files

  1. its easy to extend
  2. it have all stats you need for basic server

what?? - no one care =)

servers maintenance, you mean 15-20$ per month?)

No - pirated L4D some long time ago ^^
still have custom configs for server(somewhere) - with billions zombies XD

But its very hard to play (boring) on own server,
when you can create any char, any lvl with any items
After you enough bored with classic, you start making custom items – and custom scripts =)
[spoiler]Or try monetize server[/spoiler]

I saw how big TBC (5k - 10k online) server turns off because all player leave
And i install own mangos server - and its not funny play on own server at all :frowning:
+making big stable wow server not worthy time nor money at all
if you make own game with online even 1k you make pile of money :wink:

but maybe i wrong ^^

imho: Mangos server - its cool as fun project, but as commercial - its lame crap

  • with core bugs that goes decade to decade like mobs Pathfinding that walk through walls)