World of Warcraft 2D

Hello, everyone!


I’m posting to announce a passion-project I’m working on, WoW-2D. WoW-2D is essentially a project with the goal of re-creating the vanilla World of Warcraft experience in 2-D. WoW-2D is nothing more than a passion project and it’s something that, over time, I’m very confident I can complete, start to finish. I have no worry as to whether or not there is a market for a 2-D World of Warcraft, quite the opposite. Being this a passion project, I’m hoping that it will be something that people can poke fun at and enjoy at the same time.

I started the project on August 21 of this year and, in my opinion, I have made a nice bit of progress. I am building WoW-2D using Slick2D for the engine and Kryonet for the netcode. I didn’t feel the need to build my own engine from the ground up as I’ve been messing around in Slick2D for quite some time and after thinking about it, Slick will do what I’ll need it to, at least for the foreseeable future. I also have a decent amount of experience in general programming, specifically in C# and Java.

In terms of the project, I am currently the sole developer and artist and would love to work with a small team, if anyone is interested/has experience. Personally, I’d prefer artists more than anything as my pixel art skills are absolutely horrid. Unfortunately, as of right now, I am unable to pay anyone for their work but if anyone might share the fun-loving passion for WoW that I do, I think it could be a fun adventure!

If anyone is interested in working with me on this or would just like to follow the progress, please reply to this post and/or follow the link above to the blog.

P.S: I know I don’t have a good track record for completing projects on here, but I am fully committed to WoW-2D and am excited both for it’s current progress and future development!