Working on a block based scene editor for my game

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Am I allowed to showcase my JME related stuff here?

I have been working on a Block based scene editor for my game. Some of the features are:

[b]Spawn Block[/b]:
I use @remy_vd’s Blocks library with custom block shapes and types. Supports exporting of chunk data to file with the provided API in the library.

[b]Model Plotters[/b]:
Handy groovy scripts that facilitate plotting objects (walls/fences/trees/…) on blocks.

Entity Spawn: (WIP)
Spawn actual game entities. (i.e NPCs, buildings,…)

[b]Navigation Shape:[/b]
Supports building polygonal navigation shape for the scene.

And some screenshots of a demo scene I created:

And a video:


Link to the post on JME hub: