Word Twister 4k

A basic clone of Text Twist. Find as many words as possible from the letters given. Longer words score more points and there is a bonus for finding all words in one round. Find the six-letter
word to progress to the next round. There are 50 rounds in total.

Word Twister 4k



Very fun game. You must have stored a lot of strings in there. Unfortunately, I stink at this game! It’s kind of like scrabble. Just shows me how bad I am at finding simple words. Cool game though.

There are about 1000 words in total, packed into a big string:


To compress things a little, words are separated by numbers which show how many letters they inherit from the previous word. Thus

It zips up nicely. I tried various other ideas for further compression but none were worth the lines needed for decoding.

You might also notice that no words have duplicate letters. This simplified the algorithm for listing the shorter words.