WIP board rules

Rules for the WIP board

  • Anything goes, as long as it is executable and ‘java gaming’ related (javascript is not).
  • Your topic must feature a screenshot (this will be used as a thumbnail in the sidebar)
  • Moderators will move your game from the WIP board to the Showcase board, upon request.


  • The topics in the WIP board are ordered by ‘last reply’ (usual forum behavior)
  • To request a migration to the Showcase board, it’s usually enough to send a PM to one of the League of Dukes or explicitly make the request in the game topic.
  • Creating more than one topic (in any of the game boards) for your game is not allowed.

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N.B.: Threads plugging Game Engines are frowned upon and shipped to the Archived Projects board upon discovery by the kind mods. Show off and/or publish a game using your engine, not the engine itself!