Which IDE do you use?

If you are using a text editor or just another solution, please write a note on it.

I use JEdit as well

wonder how many posts it takes before it becomes a my ide is better than yours thread…

This poll has been here for long.
My IDE is better than yours was not the point… it was to know if we could use Eclipse mass refactoring features on repositories or if there were others users who couldn’t benefit from that.

I personnally thinks that Netbeans is fine too, and I haven’t tryed EveryJ(s) soo I can’t comment.

It has already been done in an eariler post in 2003. But who knows it might be raised here again… haha

This topic should not be here actually…



Because Personally this is nothing to do with Xith3D

haha… well I dunno about others… but this is just a personal comment…

It has something to do because… some time ago (more than now) there was great refactorings on the way… Now what’s painful with an API is having to change 30 lines of code (for small-medium projects) on each update… so Marvin raised this poll to know if we could use Eclipse shared refactoring features so it would be easier for users.

Haha… hmmm good point… but it was not made clear at the start… or maybe I am just blur from the start :-X

Cheers! For Refactoring… Eclipse is definatly faster and effective… even though some time is needed to double check the codes ^^

Sorry that it wasn’t clear… well it was primarily intended for Xith3D users (as the name of the board suggest ;D ), as mentioned in other (earlier) posts.

Wow! That’s a suprise. Nobody replied to this important thread for a long time. And now 9 replies at a single day… I was happy to know the statistics from the poll, But some comments are really welcome ;D.

I didn’t mention the initial reason to create this thread and poll, because there’re maybe some other reasons. And I didn’t want to make people vote with this single reason in mind.


eclipse is very nice, has every thing i need, just hope they make it faster somehow and less of a resource hog. ;D


I think making it faster and reduce resource usage may be too difficult to archive. I extrapolate that from using IDEA most of the time and while it is faster, it eats memory for breakfast to allow it’s fast navigation and refactoring functionalities. It typically uses half a GIG of RAM in my work sessions. :-\

Command-line DOS Prompt all the way, baby!

haha… I think first time programmers who are used to eclipse will die if they have to use command line :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I use Eclipse and command line altogether without problems… not for the same jobs, though…

You’re not a first time programmer, are you?

Ah sorry I missed the words “first time” when I read ;D ;D ;D

:o haha he was too excited to reply :stuck_out_tongue: