Which apps did you create using a programming language other than Java?

People do not only use Java to create cool stuff, there are many other platforms/languages (Noooo…really??). So, what did you create outside the scope of Java?

An example ;D :

I taught myself programming back in the early nineties, which led me from M-Basic and GW-Basic to QuickBasic, from which I stepped up to Turbo-C. I created a number of programs (apps these days, lol) and games, of which some got published by diskmagazines (all freeware, never made a dime from it, though it got me a job as a programmer). I moved on to Visual Basic, and later PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/HTML as a self-employed webdesigner. However, the programs I am most proud of are the following (timeframe: around 1996):

Mouse Cursor for C…let’s you draw a mousecursor and spawn ready to use c-code:

Draw Ascii…create text documents with color drawings (ansi.sys loaded):

DOOMNITE…play the impossible nightmare mode in DOOM II (v1.666) with cheats:

Island Conquest II…a fun little strategic game (published on floppy disk magazine PC Extra 24):

After a long period of not programming anything, I’m currently working on a game about bee awareness. It’s written in JavaFX 8, got greenlit on Steam and will be published soon.
If you would like to know more about me, or the programs I created, you can visit http://www.dannyvanderkolk.nl (my personal website, you can download oldschool utils and games (dosbox required)) or http://www.bee-aware.nl (my latest game).
Have a nice day y’all, and don’t forget to take your daily dose of coffee (and other stuff that comes to mind)! Lots!

Before starting Gamedev in Java I was playing a lot around in RPG Maker.
How ever till today I still did not finish a project except for a 3D Strategy Towerdefense in Unity for university.
It quite took a while to realise for me that finishing a project is the biggest challenge. Kudos for you and your portfolio :slight_smile: !

made a lot of little games when I was young… in basic on C64, memories :smiley:

@ral0r2 Thanks! Finishing can be hard, especially when a project takes years to complete. The stuff I made back then was mostly written in days or weeks, only Island Conquest II took 4 months, so those ‘projects’ never gave me any headaches. Bee Aware! on the other hand has been in development for about two years now (with a break of a few months), and hopefully I’m finished (there’s always that desire to add more).

@Gornova I remember those days…a friend of mine had a c64, with taperecorder. Typing for hours on end, only to find out the stuff didn’t run (well, some), and without knowing why. I did enjoy playing the games back then, but I wouldn’t wanna play them again ;D

Nowadays it is mostly PureScript, a Haskell inspired Functional Programming Language that compiles to JavaScript.

I’m working full-time for a national payments company, and we are using this language to create both Android, iOS and also Web Apps. I cannot name them out here, as most are apps for bank employees and no one outside know them, but I worked on 7 apps till now.

However, I still love Java. Let’s see how much time will it take for me to become Java dev again…

I began learning to program with C++. Then I got this book called “Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus” by Andre Lamothe which was basically just an API he wrote based on C++. Then I put programming down for like 10 years and picked up Java, and now I’m most comfortable with Java, PHP, and Python (Picked that one up along the way). But my current job also has taught me a crap load about SQL.

My first steps into game programming were also with the RPG Maker 2000. Did a lot of silly little games but never something that I would want to publish.
Some time later I did my bachelor’s and master’s thesis in C++. Other smaller projects during my course of studies where done in SQL, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Matlab and R.
I also did some Visual Basic.NET in my practical semester for creating an internal business software.

But I’m eager to use Java in my job beginning in September :smiley:
And I also want to acutally finish something to publish :emo:

I used to use GameMaker to make games before switching to Java.
I also made this strange game engine with Visual Basic that used GOTOs quite often. Yeah, it was pretty awful…

Years and years ago I used to make games in C64 BASIC, then later GFA BASIC on the Atari ST, then STOS, then AMOS and GFA on the Amiga. Lots of games - proper complete ones with title screens and everything! - that never actually got further than my bedroom.

Cas :slight_smile:

@princec You can still ‘publish’ your old games on https://www.dosgamesarchive.com/ (if they run in dos, ofcourse) and the likes, so they won’t be lost for generations to come :slight_smile:

Too late, they’re already long lost :frowning:

Cas :slight_smile: