Where is JavaFX on my system?

In eclipse, i’m not able to import javafx.* packages. They aren’t available.
The JavaFX FAQ says, when you install Java SE 7 update 6 (which is 1.7.0_07, right?) and java -version prints the following:

$ java -version java version "1.7.0_07" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea7 2.3.2) (ArchLinux build 7.u7_2.3.2-2-x86_64) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.2-b09, mixed mode)

And it looks like I couldn’t even download a standalone version, because the FAQ also states that only a Java SE 6 standalone verison would be available (and even only for Windows… as you can see I have Archlinux…).

Can anyone help me? Propably this is only a Eclipse-configuration problem… :X

OpenJDK is not the same thing as Oracle’s Java SE install, and doesn’t include JavaFX. You’ll have to manually install Java SE from Oracle’s site to get it. JavaFX isn’t all open source yet so assume it will not be part of OpenJDK for a while.

Okey. Thank you.
Looks like I won’t look into JavaFX yet… dislike… :-\

Most of the stuff is in jfxrt.jar.

We’ll have to wait until Java 8 before it all gets merged into 1.

There are plans to open source JavaFX by the end of this year!