Whats Going On With The Downloads?

Seriously Guys,

The download counts have gone crazy in the last 24 hours.

I am finding it a bit hard to believe that they are all real

Sort the listings page by DL’s and reload every few minutes to see

The numbers are out of control! What is going on?



Yep, Slashdot.

They just had to go and screw up the download stats at the last minute. @#$@!

Edit: FYI, there’s a good chance that we’re going to get DUGG as well.

(Whoops! Digg link fixed.)

Okay good … I thought it might have been /. but I couldn’t find a recent article, then I did a search and found the slashback you mentioned.

Then the DLs are real! SWEET


Seems to be a /. post from David Levine…

Most /. users download games in alphabetic order… Not good for me :wink:

It’s doing wonders for me :slight_smile:

Well, I found out about the contest through Slashdot in the first place, so I thought it was appropriate. I made sure to make the post as generic as possible and not point out any games in particular (e.g. my own).

And you were right (I should have made 2 posts… The two lines were NOT related). I discovered this contest with /. too :wink:

It should be a good idea to post something right after the results (maybe Woogley has already planned this?)

funny comment from DUGG

[quote]Bloat is the way to go these days :wink:

got to fill up my 2GB ram some how!

woogley has planned nothing with slashdot, they just kinda post things themselves :wink:

results will be available in about a week, so whoever’s responsible for slashdot postings … keep your eyes open for that

It would have been really nice if the “Game Discussion” section of JavaUnlimited was working. (hint hint)

I just checked my website stats.

More bandwidth has been used in the first three days of March than in the previous two weeks :o Usage is up about 500%. Over 11000 files downloaded on the 2nd March.

Hopefully it’ll subside a bit, or I’ll have to buy some more bandwidth.


Same. From the beginning of March and until now (March 4, noon), I’ve had around 3000 hits on my website (usual counts are around 1-2 a day). Enormous amounts of downloaded files as well :wink:

we were slashdotted big time. on march 2nd, my site used 1.2GB bandwidth, had 8713 unique visitors and 366,256 hits.

the activity on march 2nd almost doubled the activity for the entire month of january - the first month we were slashdotted.