What next?

Enthusiasm rekindled again by Puppytron! But the curse of idea overflow has got the better of me!!

What shall I do next?

I really like the 320x320 window format, so I want to do another nice simple little game where the objective is to dominate the hiscore table. It’s got to be hardcore action and codeable in under 4 weeks.

Got any ideas?

Cas :slight_smile:

You seem to have a great mind to be able to take old games add a twist and make them your own. So looking at older games could be a way to go. You taking your own spin on Missile Command or Dig Dug would be something I’d like to see.

I’ve tought about Moon Lander. The version I know was from VIC-20. wow! such an old machine but impressive at this time and only 4K of RAM! Ho! 4K contest… :wink:

How about Gyruss? Or maybe something along the gauntlet style?


[quote]I’ve tought about Moon Lander. The version I know was from VIC-20. wow! such an old machine but impressive at this time and only 4K of RAM! Ho! 4K contest… :wink:
Take a look at that: http://www.flasharcade.com/game.php?moonlander That’s actually cool! :slight_smile: The gravity force is very well simulated.

Pole Position. Everybody loves Pole Position.

Failing that, Tron Light Cycles. Gotta love Tron Light Cycles.

If that still doesn’t meet the goal, then how about Defender? Defender probably has the best chance for high end special effects as well. Plus the lime green jellies can return as aliens who’s eaten humans (nee, fluffies)! :slight_smile:

I second the suggestion for a twist on Missile Command.

My favourite shooter of all time has to be xkobo, remade recently as Kobo Deluxe. It’s a simple space-based shooter with a single objective on each level - destroy all space stations (static pipe-like constructions). It’s the excellent variation in enemies that keeps me going back to it.

Otherwise, if you want to stay away from the space-genre for now, how about an arcade conversion of Cannon Fodder? It’s an excellent game as it is, but I’ve always felt that if you removed the stealth aspect and concentrated on mowing down hordes of bad guys, it would make an excellent twitch-shooter.

Why not concentrate on another game genre to make things different this time?

I have this idea, its meant to be for myself, but I dont have a good of an artist like Cas does… ::slight_smile:

Anyway, its like Tetris, with a spin.

A conveyor belt moves across the top of teh screen carrying boxes (an upside down belt btw). It drops the boxes randomly.

You are the poor sensless worker there and you have to stack all the boxes that get dropped by pushing them left and right only. If you succeede in making a full line of boxes, then that line disappears. Just like tetris…

Alot of factors can come into this game, box size, time between boxes falling. Bomb boxes…etc

Id love to see that. Orrrr, i have another idea. But thats for a different day :slight_smile:


The Connon Fodder variation is already planned - it’s called Multiple Injury :slight_smile: Sadly that’s a project for another year as it’s way too big.

I’m sticking to action games, and specifically shooter games, because a) they’re easier to code (I think) and b) I’m trying to build a niche of fans.

Cas :slight_smile:

scorched earth :), some kind of option to autojoin when you load the webpage

This one of my pet ideas, but what the heck, I’ll share.

Use swarming to build a super galaxian/galaga shooter type game.

edit; wrong link :slight_smile:

I personally would like to see a longer game with something like a story(minimal, like in the arcade games)
If you prefer smaller,senseless arcade games there are many good ones to copy, I’d vote for dig-dug or that arcade game called rod-land.
If you prefer shooters there are: berzerk, armor attack, bosconian, there are so many of them! (mame is your friend)
Or you can think up something totally original (I suggest to give the player more actions than just moving and firing)

Maybe you could do some ant farm simulation. Then strategy would determine high score. I think it’d be neat to see what you could do with some interesting AI dominating the action :slight_smile:

I’m thinking a trailblazer variant, maybe with some added shooting action :slight_smile:

Missile Command with a twist should be cool too.

Or Centipede, but with 4 directional shooting and free movement through the fields? Much like puppytron actually, but with mushrooms and centipedes instead of evil robots. You could even stick to the robot theme and call it Puppytron 2 - Puppypede :wink: