What library best to use for handling multiple soundeffect + background music


I’m almost a complete noob an I see there a a couple of libraries for playing sound out there. I’ve tried some an they didnt always work that great (sound gets jittery or in playback pieces of music gets skipped).

I am creating a game that need to run backgroundmusic + multiple sound effects in game and needs to switch background music a couple of times in game and between switching screens.

What would your recommendation be for playing back sound&music.

What works best, can play different fileformats & what other stuff do i need to keep in mind in choosing what library to use??
Also i get problems with music not running smoothly at an equal speed but speeding up occasionally…

So far i looked into TinySound, but it wont playback .mp3 and when i switched to .ogg sound gets jittery and is skipping parts (but that might have to do more with my noobish programming skills)

I also used LibGDX’s sound & music classes. This one runs .mp3 but same thing with sound getting jittery and not playing back fluent all the time

Any help would be much appreciated.

All those libraries…even the most popular that is LibGDX…still having problems…

Maybe, just maybe it is not libraries that are the issue but instead your computer.

There is no way in hell all those libraries are failing for you.

Well that could be a problem. I’m currently working on my brothers old laptop (AMD 64 athlon x2). But i also remember from a while ago when working on my own Intel i5 8GB >3Mhz that i had troubles with some of my files being played back distorted.

But how are those guys of you that are able to run backgroundmusic + mutiple sound effects at the same time able to do it?

Should I just stick with LibGDX’s classes?

Or any other recommendations?

Yes, what to do is, setup your code with what you want to happen. Compile it and post a link here, I will check if it is distorted for me.

If so, then there might be something wrong with whatever it is your using to create the sounds, or something is going all screwed up when compiling.