What I drew today

VaTTeRGeR suggested this thread, in which we can post our studies / sketches to get critique. I think having a public outlet for art / studies would be a fun way to boost productivity and improve.

To start things off, here’s what I drew today:

A perspective study

Messing with digital

I really like how the second artwork looks like it was done with crayons. It looks simple (of course it probably wasn’t actually simple) but beautifully so. Keep up the great work, man :smiley:

I think this thread should have a fan made JGO logo, made using GIMP all with mouse and brush.

I don’t know if this is a violation of rules, if it violates, I’m sorry. I’m not using the logo for any purposes and won’t ever be. Just made it for this thread.

Can we include pictures we took? I’m getting more into hobbyist photography and I would really like feedback on the pictures I take!

Been working on my VR game [sub][sub]in Unity please don’t kill me[/sub][/sub] and I’m starting to get the mechanics down :slight_smile:

For proper resoltuion: https://gfycat.com/FormalBeneficialAffenpinscher

EDIT: woo 300 medals :slight_smile:

Thanks, @CommanderKeith.

Here is a small update

For proper resoltuion: https://gfycat.com/MarvelousDentalAffenpinscher


I made something similar at work (excluding the shooting, unfortunately). How did you implement the snapping? I feel the solution I came up with is more complicated than necessary, and I’m interested to know how you worked it out.

Btw, are you using NewtonVR?

I posted this in the wrong thread. my bad…

More in my VR saga

For proper resoltuion: https://gfycat.com/HighlevelBossyAss

The snapping happens if a blue connector joint touches a yellow connector joint. When this happens, it fixes the position and rotation of what is in the hand to be what it should be for the gun.

Nope, what is that?

How do you know what the positions and rotations should be for each piece in the gun? Do you have an assembled version of the gun somewhere, and use the positions of each part in the assembled version to correctly snap pieces together?

NewtonVR is a nifty Unity plugin for the HTC Vive that adds interaction with objects such such picking things up, throwing them, collision sounds, etc. I highly recommend it for any VR project.

Tryin to up my pixel skills and drew this thing

So does this thread also count for animating? Or should I keep posting my animation stuff in the other thread? Here goes nothing anyway.

Here’s a cool pose from an animation I’m currently working on:

It’s interesting because our robots are really big, bulky, and heavy. This is one of the few instances where they athletically move more akin to what you see in We Shall Wake.

You’ve inspired me to start actually working on my own player model’s armour.


Awesome! If you need any tips or advice, feel free to PM me or ask in here. I can send you the resources I used to learn with.

Started working on my pixel art skills

Working on my pixel shading skills and some perspective boxes, apparently it’s supposed to help with figure drawing.


i was exploring two tetrahedra :










@wessles good stuff there about perspective. I never knew how the fisheye thing was achieved so now I might have to play around with it a bit.

Still practicing my shading with some basic shapes.


it super plain. just a “mesh”.

the “cartesian” way works like https://github.com/LuaDist/freeglut/blob/master/src/freeglut_geometry.c#L908

another way to construct it is using a “alternate cube” : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrahedron vertices : (1,1,1), (1,−1,−1), (−1,1,−1), (−1,−1,1).

i make one, duplicate, rotate by PI/2 (up-axis, in my case Z), mirror by a “up-plane” and merge.

then i apply a simple subdivision to all triangles by splitting all edges into two : results in 4 equally sized triangles from each one. i skip the “middle” triangle in that … looks like http://thegoldenmule.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/midpoints.png

all vertices are “unique” so it’s stiched properly.

finally there is more subdividing and simple laplace mesh-smoothing. thats it :slight_smile:

rest is just exploring it with a “camera”.

Did another pixel thing