What I did today

Maybe play (heh get it) into the retro and make it a pixel/“8-bit” font style?
That might be worse though, who knows.

I finished working on the first portion of the website tester I’m making with Selenium for work. It’s a pretty neat project. The site uses ExtJS, so I have to find little cheats to get around the random ID generation.
I also almost have deferred rendering ready. Urg.

So yeah, I moderate Tsundere Spiders.

Today I did this:

Use this to make it readable:

[img width=800][/img]

800, 700, whatever it is.


You should join together the arms and the legs at the joints, otherwise they overlap and you get the ugly texture mixing that you can see at the elbows and knees.:slight_smile:

I did originally, but had gaps in the mesh when positioning bones… I’m not so worried about the textures tbh as I was going to render the model down to a 128x sprite for use in a game I’m thinking about.

If you have gaps in the mesh, go over to all the gaps and manually join them up. You can select the vertices you want to join, then press ‘f’ and it’ll create a face.

Did this:

And now:


So actually I did this yesterday, but forgot to post it.
I remade the turret opera “Cara Mia, Addio” from Portal 2 in FL Studio. Kind of a quick throw together, but I guess it’s alright.


Improving FlubberSpaces’ UI and rank system. You shouldn’t be scoring this much haha.

I’ve made it on the JGO top 16’s.

Take that trollwarrior1!!

If you increase the image size even more it might bump you up a place on “loudest” :wink:

I’m on three of them, neat!

another lonely day :-
i keep on working on nuclear weapon

Hey I made it to #3 on Most Interesting Members:

You’re always there.

I just happened to jump into the top 16 in one day. How about that? :point: :smiley:

I started work on a Launcher for my game. I love JavaFX!

Finalized code using glMultiDrawElementsIndirect(…) adding support for gl_InstanceID and gl_DrawID where my hardware didn’t support it. (!)

Geometry: 5 circles (comprised of 7, 5, 17, 3, 4 triangles)
Instancing: each circle (4x, 11x, 5x, 7x, 3x)
glDraw calls: 1 (!)

glMultiDrawElementsIndirect(GL_TRIANGLES, GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, 0L, drawCount, MultiDrawCommand.stride_bytes);

http://pastebin.java-gaming.org/a23673c9495 (no abstraction layers, just raw OpenGL calls)

Nice! I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable enough to really appreciate what’s going on there, but what would you say is the takeaway is from that?
I have some idea, but am not quite sure what the “Indirect” is about…