What do you look like?

I remember playing this game in another forum, what do you look like?

Here is my fat ugly face, enjoy! ;D

What do you look like?

People who read my blog already know what I look like ;D

Here’s me:

I’m the one that isn’t the president, yet.

I’ll see if I can get my license picture in here soon.

Here’s a sexy picture of me beside a shelf I made recently, I’m currently making a 2-person desk to match:


And my equally sexy cat:


Have to include the pic? ;D

You know skeleton? add some white skin peels to it, a chunk of meat to thighs, pair of eye balls, hair, cartilages for nose and ears, and a liter of boring soul. You got me!

Twist: this is a trick to get a fugitive to post their picture.

EDIT: I do really want to see a picture of princec, Riven, and Roquen. I’ve always wondered what they look like :slight_smile:

Well here’s the image I use everywhere:

Aaaaand another one after I shaved my gigantic afro:

Wait we are posting our pets?



@Riven: Is that germany? These street names sound very germish… :smiley:

The German flag kinda gave it away too. :-*

The flag?! Why bother looking at the flag? :clue:
I worked it out from the paint on the fence, which is quite obviously German. :wink:


Oh… yeah… right ;D

Also, is that you in that picture? I can’t see anything anyways, but I just wonder… :slight_smile:

Ofcourse it’s me.

Here’s another one, of my bloody foot.

Naawh c’mon we all want to see what you look like :smiley:
Also, this foot is… yeah…
But I like that you seem to often go bycicling (this was not spelled correctly…).

Bicycling. ;D

So this is the “how do you look like in germany”-thread now? Well, ok…

your position has been locked: 51.671579,8.382748


I just went to buy some bread this morning and the shop owner told me he thought about locking-up the register when he saw me headed his way. So I suppose you should envision a stereotype of a criminal.

Go try meet me there in 2008.