What are some good sources to learn libgdx

Hello i want to further improve my programming skills im a second year CS student just finished data structures i have been doing java until now. I would love to learn the LibGdx Library but all the tutorials i found on youtube were not helpful at all they just say do this and do that but dont explain what does what…What’s an OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer what’s a projection matrix they all use them but dont explain what they actually are. I would really appriciate any advice

I’m not a LibGDX user myself, but since it makes extensive use of OpenGL, you might be able to get some background information by looking through documentation on OpenGL.

I tried a search on “projection matrix opengl” and a number of tutorials came up. IDK what the good ones are. Someone else will likely have good advice as to links for explanations.

Start here: Wiki - libGDX

Join Discord: libGDX

It should be enough :slight_smile:

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