Welcome to the new site


We are finally here, the migration is complete and the old forum address now points to here. Old links are indeed preserved and I made some changes today to hopefully make all the links work from the old site that are used in search engine indexing. Riven was a big help in the migration, he offered lots of good advice and help. And of course princec for providing the servers for the site.

If anyone is having issues logging in it could be because of a couple of reasons.

  1. There was no email associated with your account at the old site and your given a @jgo.local email address. Below is a list of users who have tried to password reset but with an email like that so are probably wondering why it isn’t working

  2. You email provider blocks the emails

  3. Its in SPAM

Any issues you can find me on the discord server.

If any one wants to be a moderator please get in contact, it would be good to have some people to talk to about changes we can make and improvements to the site.

Hope you all enjoy



Seems that something is going on, but it might really be me doing it wrong. It started reporting me that there are a lot of unread posts. The worst part is, even the dismiss button isn’t doing anything. Anyone facing the same? How can I mark them as read?

I think it’s because if you post in a thread you are watching it by default. If you change tracking to normal it gets removed on read. Still learning the ropes myself

I am having the same issue with the dismiss new button not actually clearing the new topics.

New topics are flagged if they are less than 2 days old (default in discourse), default for posting replies is now “normal” so I’d you want tracking you need to manually switch it on.

Looks like links to old forum on java-gaming.org gives 404.

Like this one: https://java-gaming.org/topics/2d-nuclear-throne-style-lighting-libgdx/38314/view.html

These types of links temporarily don’t work (the index.php ones do). Discourse has private messages look for a JSON under /topics/private-messages/(username).json and the rewrite rule to make the jgo links work for that specific link format makes the private messages link rewrite too. I need to find a rewrite rule to change one and not the other.

Both private messages and the topic rewrite should work now, please note java-gaming.org was never https so old links should always be http based

thanks for all the hard work, the new JGO looks really nice.

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