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Who do you guys use for hosting your web pages? I am using I Page, and I forgot my password. So I reset it. All I wanted to do, was retrieve a song that I uploaded to show my friend. So once I got logged in to the site and stuff, there was no option to view my uploaded content. So, I asked the live chat. They said I have to verify my security question. Ok, that makes sense. The link they sent me to do this was for a page to upgrade. So I said, there’s no question there…this repeated 4-5 times. I said dammit, I’m already logged in to MY ACCOUNT attempting to access the files I UPLOADED. No cant do it without the security question. Sent me the link to upgrade. Anyone that looks at fabulousfellini.com can tell it’s only like screen shots and stuff from my game…I’m not uploading like gigantic movie files…is this normal? Why when I logged in I have no options? I told them to cancel my account…they said they can’t unless I answer the security question. I said I can’t do that unless you send me the correct link…and the process continued. Besides going to the bank after work and putting a hold or something on this company, is there anything I can do besides get a new web hoster?..and that brings us back to my initial question Who do you guys use for hosting your web pages?

VPS on Linode for the win.

Cas :slight_smile:

That experience on IPage sounds awful. Their online reviews look pretty dicey, too.

Up until this week, I’ve been using shared hosting with startlogic. I’d say they were okay for what they are, but maybe a little pricey. Support was decent. I would have had to pay something like $135 (can’t recall exact amount) for renewing for the year, but decided to opt out. I’m taking princec’s suggestion of Linode and am having tons of fun configuring my own webserver & mailserver. Oh yeah! (Can you detect a shade of sarcasm? Situation is self-inflicted, though, so shouldn’t complain. I do intend to learn more about all this and very much want the satisfaction/independence/freedom to experiment that comes with. Only so much you can do with shared hosting.)

IDK how IPage uploading works. Is there a directory that you can FTP into to retrieve the files? I spent a lot of time using FTP with my old startlogic site.

It depends on what the site does, but did you know you get a free website with Bitbucket?

I did NOT know that. That’s good. Basically, I just want my website to be able to post pictures and videos (youtube embedded like here). But I am completely sick of IPage.

It depends on what the site does.

I’ve been trying to become my own host ;D

Interesting to see what you have been doing here! (Nice to have the English translations, thanks for including that.)

Similarly, I’ve installed Jetty. I made the choice (a mistake?) of loading Jetty from the Ubuntu repository instead of setting it up as you have, which conforms to the most current documentation from Jetty itself. It has been a headache to figure out HTTPS. But it’s now up and running, and yes, it’s nice to have one’s own little piece of space.

Are you planning on adding email hosting? On e-commerce/shopping cart capabilities?

Am curious on what OP is doing, too.

Hi Goussej,
It’s a nice guide, thanks for making it.
Just one thing I was wondering: where I live, almost all internet service providers (ISP’s) give their customers dynamic IP addresses, not static addresses, which means it’s impossible to connect your personal computer server in your home to your global web address www.somewebsiteaddress.com since the IP address of your internet connection is always changing. Choosing a static IP address is usually quite expensive, certainly more than using a cheap VPN like RamNode or Linode.
How do you get around that or is it standard in France to get a static IP address so the problem doesn’t exist?


If you have any kind of traffic to what you’re hosting you also won’t be able to do it under normal circumstances. ISP’s usually prohibit or at the very least throttle that kind of behavior (hosting) under normal user-land circumstances.

Thank you Jon, that’s interesting and I wasn’t aware of that problem.

How do you do this? I have a few friends that have built servers and stuff, which is kind of out of my league.

Sorry for the late reply.

Obtaining a static public IP address can be free of charge in France, it depends on the Internet Service Provider. It’s free when you’re at Free (no play-on-word), it’s very expensive at Orange (about 18€ per month, my case), it’s much more affordable with a “professional” access when you’re registered as a corporation or an association (you need a SIREN or a SIRET). There are some workarounds when you need a static IP address whereas your ISP gives you only a dynamic one, you can pick a VPN including a static IP address (all VPN offers don’t, look carefully), you can use DynDNS, NoIP, … You can detect the changes of IP address on your server and propagate them to your DNS zone (A and AAAA records, IPv4 and IPv6, some other records if you have your own DNS and/or if you have your own mail server, MX, etc). A static IP address is absolutely necessary to have your own messaging system (emails), a dynamic IP address is enough to host a website except if you need an almost permanent availability.

Some ISPs block some ports (especially for SMTP, not only in France, it’s something common in European Union, they claim they do that to reduce spamming), it’s very annoying. In this case, a VPN is a good option, choose it carefully.

@FabulousFellini I’m not sure that it’s kind of out of your league but it requires to understand some principles.

By the way, I’ve just added a script that includes almost all major steps, I’ve tested it under Armbian (Debian) Buster:

I feel more comfortable with this solution as it relies on a more recent Linux kernel. I try not to make too much assumptions on the return values of some commands, it should work on various distros.