We Shall Wake Demo 7 Preview

Demo 7 is coming out pretty soon! Here’s a preview in delicious 60 FPS 1080p!

No embedded YouTube player as it doesn’t support 60 FPS. Please follow the link to watch it as it should be played!

Awesome! This should put an end to all the mouths that say AAA level graphics aren’t possible in Java games. You’re doing really awesome. Any info on system requirements?

Woah, this is amazing! Can’t wait to try it out!


You won’t need the latest and greatest GPU to play it at maximum settings. I get 60 FPS @ 2560x1440 on a single GTX 770, so if you’re on 1920x1080 you might even get away with a GTX 750 TI. On the other end, the game starts on anything that supports OpenGL 3.2, but the oldest Intel GPUs won’t be able to run it at a fluent pace.

Oh wow, that’s good! I’m on GTX 750 Ti and you mentioned it! Looking forward for a playable demo, you know, demo 6 doesn’t work for me (with texture issues in GLSL, but I’ve replaced the GPU since then).

Looks awesome, really love the look and nice AA :slight_smile:

If you like some critical feedback, I found the skybox a bit distracting (although looks great) it sort of broke the illusion due to the way it stretches and skews when the camera rotates, e.g. at 1:02 to 1:16 of the video, especially see how the moon stretches.

Well, you might not hit 60 FPS 100% of the time on a GTX 750 Ti. I simply looked up the theoretical performance of them and drew that conclusion since it’s around half a GTX 770. Even so, simply disabling anti-aliasing or reducing any other setting should give you fluent 60 FPS.

No problem! I’m currently working on physically based atmospheric scattering, so we’ll have procedural skies from now on. I don’t think we’ll manage to get clouds in there for the demo though, so you’ll just have to be satisfied with seamless day/night transitions and sexually arousing orange sunsets. =P

sounds awesome, look forward to that.

I am so impressed right now :o
Great job laddy! ;D


Check out this new video showing off our fancy lighting systems:


This is awesome! How’s the progress coming along on it?

We’re working on a small side project that we’ll announce pretty soon, but after Christmas we’ll be focusing on WSW 100% again!

Great, I cant wait to see the progress!

So, when is this coming out? This is what I show to people when they say Java sucks.

Interesting, had a conversation with @princec over on the Discord just yesterday about what became of this project.

Since @theagentd is currently employed by Puppygames for their main project, likely not anytime soon.

Well he’s actually employed by Avalanche, but we get to enslave him when he comes home and squeeze code out of him for Battledroid.

Cas :slight_smile:

Please get him home! I miss seeing updates from all you guys. To someone like me, it gives me a lot of motivation seeing you guys doing awesome shit.