[Wanted] Fresh graduate in Comp Sci wanted near Shepton Mallet, England

Job opening… not in games though, but you might know someone who fits the bill:

I’m looking for a recent fresh, soft, malleable youngster who has just graduated in Comp Sci for a programming role here in Shepton Mallet in the marine seismic industry. You’ll need to be proficient in C and Java. Job involves lots of really gnarly debugging, really low level firmware programming, and also higher level stuff in Java. Stuff runs on bespoke microcontrollers, embedded Linux, and ordinary (Red Hat) Linux.

You lot are all grizzled veterans but perhaps you’ve got a friend or relative whose offspring has graduated this summer from uni and is currently loafing about being expensive and smelly in their parents spare bedroom. Now is the time to give them the kick up the arse they need for an “exciting” career in software engineering!

Contact Caspian.Prince ‘at’ seamap.com with a CV of sorts.

I’ll cross-post this announcement here and there.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Cas :slight_smile: