Presenting my first entry to this year’s Java4k compo:


It’s a 4KB de/remake of Terry Cavanagh’s excellent game VVVVVV!
It’s got a minimap, 64 unique screens, and a couple of surprises. =)

Play now!

Nice job, as usual.


Nice retro feel and an amazing amount of well laid out rooms. I also like the unlimited lives, and the mini-map.

Can’t wait for the next one(s).

A very nice bit of work. I still have no idea how you do it.

Cas :slight_smile:

The key handling is absolutely horrible on my box. It misses loads of key presses and some key releases.

Linux 64-bit, Java 1.6.0_u15, KDE.

3000 plays already… hmm… ;D

Pretty cool. Very retro and fun. Well done. :slight_smile:

There’s gotta be some abuse here, one day and more than 3300 views… That’s crazy :slight_smile:

Btw cool game, congrats!

Very nice game!

Methinks it got posted in a minecraft forum. Key handling is broken on Linux (often stops responding for a second) - probably due to the broken way Java handles KeyRelease events on X11.

Like the graphics, game play is a bit frustrating (probably due to key handling).


I think it’s more likely to be a threading issue. There is a reason that my Java4k template has such complicated code to pass key events between threads.

This is a really nice translation of the original game. So much so that I keep expecting cool chipset music playing.

Brilliant game.

Oh I found a bug.

Transition from this location leftwards, and you get placed in the floor preventing you from moving. (though you can jump to the ceiling to get unstuck)


THX TERRY! :persecutioncomplex:

Regarding the key handling.

I experienced something similar when playing minecraft4k - a total freeze of all input , though it rectified itself after several minutes.

This was in Windows XP though, and has only happened once.

I think these new & bizarre input handling bugs are related to using the dodgy Java1.0 input handling mechanism.
It’s the only significant thing that has changed since last year…


Yeah, the high number of hits is because I both blogged it and posted about it on TIGJam (where Terry Cavanagh is a a frequent poster).

There are a couple of bugs left in there, it seems. I really don’t want to switch to a new input handling method since the java 1 one is sooo tiny. But I guess I might not have a choice.

hmm, you didnt enter minecraft 4k?


I think i am a bit uncoordinated :slight_smile:

Personally i think i would rather have a much larger viewing area as i get a little woozy from quickly changing levels!

I reported key handling issues with a number of games last year too…

Fortunately, I didn’t plan to make a platformer or a FPS this year, so my coming entry won’t be completely humiliated by Markus’ ones…