visit to computer game museum

There’s a new meetup group for co-working being hosted at a game museum. I’m planning to go this Tuesday. The host said it would be okay to fire up and play a couple of their games – they have a lot of titles. Any recommendations of a good “legacy” game to check out? Old favorites? I’m thinking of checking out Final Fantasy, but am wondering where to start.

Am remembering hearing that a Lara Croft title was an early and good example of generative sound. Should nail that down–can’t recall where I read that. I’d be especially interested in titles with generative music or sound and effective sound and music.

(I asked if they had “Crystal Quest” but they hadn’t heard of it. I had a Mac in early 1990’s, and that was a fun one on it. “Game over, dude!”)

Hi Phil,

perhaps a bit late, but Morrowind is a great title (an open world RPG by Bethesda, published around 2000 I think). If you mean by effective sound and music, music that responds to the situation the player is in, they sure do use that. Anyway, this game is still no. 1 in my top ten since it impacted/absorbed me totally (Lol I still get emotional when hearing the title song).

Greetings, Danny.

Cool! I’ll check it out the next time I go.

I’m currently mired in trying to script a demo video to appear on the sales page. Also, probably should work harder at finding product testers from the target audience (musicians). Found and fixed some tempo bugs and design bugs in my “audio event” system–one of the benefits of foot-dragging.

I know what you mean by foot-dragging…during the past month, while implementing the last features of Bee Aware, I came across a number of (small) bugs and graphical glitches that I overlooked in previous tests. The coming two months I will be testing a lot (better safe than sorry), and hope to release end of august/beginning of september. About the video(s)…which program do you use? I started with videopad from NCH, but the recording quality was really bad (though it’s quite a good editor). Switched to Movavi (another 50 euro’s or so :(), and thankfully they delivered…recording quality is excellent (though the editor sucks a bit lol).

My plan is to create the equivalent of a short A/V presentation that I could also give in person, and record that. I’m not sure what the exact term is. Something with bullet points and examples and me doing voice-over or on camera in the process of running the “animated slide-show”. I was planning to use OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software). It lets me mix application track audio with voice-over. Definitely limited, and coordinating the element presentation with the talk will take some rehearsing.

It will be an order of magnitude less slick than other videos on Am hoping the pacing and message will be quick and clear enough to compensate. There are too many “slickness” liabilities to address if I start obsessing on them, such as the unstyled “default controls” look.

Hopefully it will come across as an interesting and useful “Indie” project by a programmer/musician geek who is solid on coding content and functionality but not so hot as a visual designer and promo maker. And that will have to be good enough, for now. 8)