Virtual On 4k - Programmed by William Starkovich

Virtual On 4k is a 4k remake [that I made in just five days] of the awesome mech fighting game Virtual On.


So, My name is William Starkovich, but my username for the contest is CyanPrime. The judges aren’t gonna think I’m trying to submit someone else’s game, are they?

this is a great remake although I think the controls are really hard to use. Why don’t you change to use the arrows keys instead of WASD?

To be honest, I was rushing to get it done, and stressing about the 4k limit so much I didn’t put too much thought into the controls. I already submitted it, so I can’t change it now. I’ll be making another version that’s >4k though, and it’ll have KB + mouse controls, and a 2p mode.

While on the subject of controls, I find it nice to use JoyToKey to give the game joypad support, and set boost to the two top trigger buttons, and the weapons to the two bottom trigger buttons.

Edit: Also, thank you very much for the complement. ;D

You can submit a new jar file as often as you want until the contest closes.

But it says on the edit page “Currently you’re only able to modify textual data. You’ll be able to modify the screenshot and unsigned jar soon!”

That’s just a limitation of the site, not an indication of the rules.

So how would I update the jar than? Where do I put it to show the judges?

Nice game.

[quote]So how would I update the jar than? Where do I put it to show the judges?
Update the jar used by your webstart. The uploader on the java4k site was meant to be used to submit an unsigned jar in the event that you have a jar which turned out to be over 4k after you signed it.

Thank you for the advice, and the complement, but doing that feels like cheating, personally. Not that I am saying anyone who does that is doing so, just that I myself won’t be.

I plan on updating the game without the 4k limit in another version. I’ll be adding things like more weapons, actual level maps, and more Virtualoid types along with a 2 player mode. But not until I get done with my latest application.

Edit: I am worried about the approved of my game for the contest, as it’s almost been 48 hours, and it still isn’t approved. Can anyone else say how long it took for them?

Edit 2: Okay, nevermind. I’m accepted.

Now working on this game again. New thread here:,20094.0.html