Viewing JGO from china

I don’t know how they do it, but I get absolutely pummeled by ads when viewing this site from China. They’re these weird full screen ads that don’t let me access the page half the time. Or they tell me I can’t load the page when ya clearly loading underneath. Trying to get me to buy from their internet provider or install YOUKU.

Fun stuff :slight_smile:

Doesn’t everyone in China use VPNs for accessing foreign websites?

Maybe switching to HTTPS would stop this content-injection - in the meantime, please use a VPN :point:

They’re harder to come by in the last year. There was a large crackdown on them in 2016

I used to host one on my server box in Atlanta, but it no longer is accessible in china

How strange, does the internet service provider ISP inject these advertisements or is it the government?

I know its stupid question, but… ahhth… it happens in different browsers, or in one particular?

I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Happens in all :slight_smile:

Not really sure. My wife never noticed it before, but she’s not an avid computer user.

Try Ghostery.

Cas :slight_smile: